Aristidou 6, 22760099, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 10:00-2:00
Food: ★★★☆☆ 3/5
Service: ★★½☆☆ 2.5/5
Ambiance: ★★★½☆ 3.5/5
A café/restaurant in the heart of the old city in an old house with a small library in the entrance. It is full almost every day, not only for evening coffee/tea but also for drinks. The recently opened courtyard across the street is a hit especially in the summer. Even though the place could be quite cool (and was the first of its kind when it opened more than a decade ago), its prices are very high and way above market levels.


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To Patrikon tavern

March 20, 2017


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  2. Why don’t you write something about the extremely high prices of Oktana? Did you notice on their menu? A fresh juice costs something like 7 euros (no alcohol included) and to have a flavored hot chocolate you would need something between 7 to 8 euros. The prices of food are also unbelievably high, both in relation to the quantity as well as the quality of the food. Beers are no less than 6 euros (local ones included) and don’t even get me started on the 12 euros one has to pay for a mere crepe with ham and cheese. The last time I was there (and it is definitely going to be THE LAST) I had ordered a sweet crepe. When I asked for some fresh water, I was informed that I they could only provide me with bottled water, which they sell for no less than 1,50 for the small bottle. When I asked the reason why it was so difficult for them to bring me just some tap water, their answer was that the water storages (τεπόζιτα) had some sort of problem. Which means that either they cook on bottled water, or they cook in water stored in problematic areas. Or, maybe they just wanted to charge me for the damn bottle. If this is indeed an independent site then you should also write negative (and constructive, for that reason) criticism as well. Unfortunately, Cypriots being completely sheepish (as we say in Greek) continue to give their money to places like these, despite the economic crisis.

  3. Indeed on the Cypriots and the sheep (even though we are proud 🙂 ).

  4. Unfortunately I’ll have to agree with ioli. Although I love the atmosphere, with the funky decor and their amazing garden, there is no excuse for the prices. At first I liked it because I thought it was a place to lay back and relax with friends, but instead it became a total rip-off. The cherry on top is something that happened to my sister, and since then I decided I’m not setting foot there again: she and a friend went to Oktana and ordered both food and drink. A few minutes later a third friend joins them and the waitress asks her if she’d like something. She said that she didn’t want anything at the moment. The waitress replied that if she didn’t order anything, she would still be charged the minimum charge of 3 euros (because she was sitting on one of their chairs I suppose) even though the other two girls had already ordered a full meal each. NEVER AGAIN!

  5. The most expensive place in Nicosia probably Cuprus 🙁

  6. I must admit i agree with all said. I remeber Octana back in 1996 ’97 ’98 when it had just begun. Such a wonderful place it was, in everything! Simple and warm! Being going there occassionally for snacks, dinner or just coffee. First time it started hitting me bad was in 2003 (expensive, snobbish attitude, unlean, packed, no parking, but above all a rip off , milk’em mentality). Progressively, it enhanced the said attributes.
    Stopped going soon after. Was forced to go in 2010 with a friend for dinner. Still was getting pricier , snobbier, crowded. To my opinion of course.It is obvious some people like it after all. But I cannot accept all that total change of face all these years, even though, understandably, things are never constant in a business.
    Never gonna go again.
    Even if forced!

    Just sharing.Nothing personal intented or implied.

  7. I never really liked the place but my friend loves it, so I went every time I could not avoid it. I don’t like their drinks or their attitude, plus the place is falling apart and the prices are ridiculously high.

    I’m only writing this, so hopefully someone out there will see it and change something. The place has great potential. If it were me, I would keep the rustic character, get proper lights and air-conditioning and turn it into a wine bar.

  8. Unreasonably expensive.
    Cockroach infested.
    Used to be characterful and chic, now plain and dull.
    Tries too hard to be significant, as its clients do.

  9. Oktana was supposed to be a chill-out, “alternative” place. The games, the bookstore at the entrance, all made it different. But since Uq Bar opened, and especially the garden across the street, it has also turned mainstream, packed, and above all (I will agree with you all) a rip-off!

  10. I think I’m gonna have to agree with all the above comments. I really liked the place when I first went there and even liked the extention… the garden part.But their service is not that good and it really isn’t worth paying that much for food and drink when you can get the same ambience somewhere else for less.

  11. It is true that Oktana has carried the reputation of one of the more
    expensive places for years now. This however has been changing
    Say what you want about liking or not liking the ambiance of the place,
    it is a matter of personal taste and preference after all But their
    prices at least are not what people seem to have in mind.

  12. It might have been expensive but the prices have been lowered. Coffees and teas were 3€ before 8 and now they are becoming 3€ for all day long.
    Hot flavoured chocolate was also expensive and (6.90) and it is now becoming 4.90€ and so is orange juice.
    I also found service polite even though slow at times.

  13. there is also happy hour that goes on for 3.5 hours, and kids younger than 12 eat free on Sunday! added to that there is free wi-fi and laptop outlets everywhere.

  14. I visited the place ages ago and paid 7euro for a cup of tea! Never went back!

  15. Cassandra, are you one of the Oktana owners?

  16. Prices have been decreased by at least 30% across the board. was about time…

  17. They offer a long island ice tea 25cl for 7.50, and 32cl for 13euro.
    I’d rather get 2x25cl and pay 15, but nevermind.
    Since they are offering both options, shouldn’t waiters ask which size you’d rather? I ordered one, and they chose to get me the big one (as I realised when the bill came). I see this first of all as bad service and second as too expensive to say that you’ve reduced your prices.

    • I haven’t been in ages but wondering, if everyone who has been going there is complaining and nevertheless Oktana continues to charge high prices, it must mean something: despite the high prices people still go there so who cares, or Oktana hasn’t realized how expensive they are yet, but they will unavoidably realise it soon

  18. Drinks at Oktana have been expensive the past few years yet the food was never expensive… Last time i ve been there was in February, were i noticed that all prices were significantly reduced. Anyway, I just dont get it why people complain about high prices. There is a price list in every cafe/restaurant, you dont like it then dont order it or dont go there at all. Problem solved

  19. I should be fair and say that I had been to Oktana on an afternoon before the last comment I made, and saw that the menu had changed.
    I asked for a dish, and commented on how I will miss one of the options they used to have, and they told me that they would ask the chef if he could still offer that now! And they could, and I had that instead of what I had decided!

    Still though, the service is not the best, and the prices (Especially for sweets and drinks) are rather high.

    I do believe that what you say, PC will eventually happen. You can’t expect it to last forever. People will turn to other places, especially now that the times are offered for evaluation and adjustment. 🙂

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