Lofou, 25813777, 96475530
Food: ★★★½☆ 3.5/5
Service: ★★★★☆ 4/5
Ambiance: ★★★★☆ 4/5
Countryside retreat by Vakis Architects (see Thesis, Antithesis, Columbia Plaza), where one can go and rent a room and use the retreat facilities (swimming pool, spa, restaurants) or a small house (actually not that small), for 4-6 people with its own garden and barbecue area.
This could be the best of Vakis projects as the rustic/wooden Thesis furniture fit so perfectly in the space, one would think they were made for it. The whole thing is more like a mini village with its own very cozy restaurant offering light lunches and meze dinners (with a modern twist but still included slow cooked lamp, home made “halvas” and “loukoumades” (fried dough balls with honey). The atmosphere is so friendly and cozy that one can feel like being in their own country house.
The Schoolmaster’s house that we stayed in was a three floor house with three very well sized double bedrooms (one of which had a shower and a Jacuzzi in it), a large kitchen with all the facilities and a massive living room with a fireplace leading to a private garden. Not only there was space for a barbecue, but we also used one of their pots for outdoor fireplace as well as their wood for a proper Argentinean barbecue!
The only problem of Apokryfo is that it doesn’t come cheap. A starting price for the Schoolmaster house was 750EUR, even though let us have it for 600EUR after a few cancellations and re-bookings which was awfully kind of them, which means it was 200EUR per couple per night without even offering toiletries. It is worth mentioning however that breakfast was included, and that the caretaker was more like a personal butler as he brought us whatever we asked for (that was 13 rounds of fireplace wood and a few other extras).



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  2. We enjoy visiting the agrotourist places and when we decided to go and have a look at Apokryfo, Lofou, we were disappointed…..We had the intention to stay for lunch but as we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by 2 non greek speaking staff and we find this not a wise decision in an agrotourist establishment with local flavour….
    We then decided to leave. I do agree that their room prices are very high!!!

  3. Highly overrated. Way too expensive for the services it offers. Rooms tiny (i.e. Gatehouse). With the same amount of money you pay to rent a room in Apokryfo, you can rent a whole house in the village, or a room at Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol.

    Owners make every effort to reduce costs, so to make more profit. Did not even add extra soap on the room, when they cleaned it the 2nd day, so having a shower on day 2 was an issue. Did not even change all the towels with new ones on day 02 (a service you get on 2 star hotels). Even reluctant to give you a second set of keys. In which other hotel in the world you pay 220 euros per night and you have to ask three times to get a second set of keys (needless to say that the initial answer was no). Staff friendly but way too tired as they work from morning until night. By 8 o’clock they could hardly speak. Ask for the sizes of the rooms before booking and check for alternatives.

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