Stasinou 16, 22376584/99408022, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 19:30-23:00
Food: ★★★★½ 4.5/5
Service: ★★★★☆ 4/5
Ambiance: ★★★☆☆ 3/5
Even though I don’t go as often as I would have liked to, I do try to go whenever No Reservations changes its menu. It is worth mentioning that, the dishes change every 15 days but every season they have a complete turnaround of their menu with a brand new selection of dishes. They do this to be able to  keep up with seasonal ingredients and this in itself makes it obvious that there is something special about this place.
I found that the space has improved since the last time I visited it. It is still quite simple, but the food is so good that the décor is really not that relevant in this case (which is not what I can say about most of the restaurants in Cyprus where décor is the only thing that shines).
We, as expected, ordered the full tasting menu as it is only 35€ for 15 small dishes. The only dish I asked them to take out was the ox tongue with which I have had an extremely bad experience and hence stopped eating (my best Proud Cypriot friend told me it is like chewing your own tongue, which is the exact feeling I got during my last ox tongue tasting experience).
It is important to mention that out of three different menus that I tried at No Reservations, this was the best, so whoever hasn’t been yet it is definitely a good time to go!
The canapés with Robiola, traditional Cyprus candied fruit and mustard was excellent and so was the radicchio cream with gorgonzola and walnuts. The shrimp with pancetta and potato cream was also excellent with a perfectly sweet but also savoury taste and the tortellone with ricotta, spinach and porcini mushrooms was excellent, it had a smooth filling and was not too heavy. The lamb in filo pastry (which I imagined substituted the “kleftiko” we had last time) was also very good and full of flavour. The only dish out of the nine (main) ones which I didn’t like was the duck which was a bit chewy for my taste. I also thought that the halibut with zucchini (that was in fact good) was a bit neutral in terms of taste.
What really surprised me was the 5 mini desserts that were, in my opinion excellent without being “overly gourmet”, i.e. merely sweet and overly-complicated. The caramelized pineapple crumble was fantastic (and the reason why the Proud Cypriot friend who is supposed to be allergic in sugar ate two portions of it), the pannacota with berries was also good and tasted like berry yoghurt, whereas the Chocolate guanaja shot was close to a shot of nutella. The pear tart was also good but I preferred the Amaretto ice cream that came with it.
What is even better is that all of the above with 2 drinks costs around 40€ per person, as the price for the very good wine by the glass that I had was 5€ per glass.  The extremely friendly hostesses also kindly gave us a discount as, despite having ordered the full menu, we took out a couple of dishes.
A dinner of this range could easily cost more than 60€ a head but the fact that the owners, decided to keep it fair and retain their fantastic value for money policy allows us to return again and again!

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  1. i totally agree that the food is of top quality and the fact that it is also reasonably priced makes it even more satisfying! it must be noted though that when entering this restaurant for the first time i thought it should have been named “No Decoration” than “No Reservation” as i found the interior’design’ unacceptable.With a few clever touches and cheap ones (i.e IKEA) i think this place has great potential to obtain a more “warm” feeling and subsequently make me want to return more often. I understand the focus is on the food but i think the whole dining experience entails more than just that.

  2. Love the place, been there already twice and will very soon go again. I really don’t give any importance to the decoration, as the food is always so good and the owners so friendly

  3. Hi! I read your site everytime you review something and although I tend to agree with most of your general opinions on restaurants, I would like to point something out, in case you don’t mind some good-willed criticism.

    Saying that something is fantastic, does not make a critique. We need more. We need analysis of texture, specific flavours, presentation, ingredients etc.

    Peope who don’t care about food don’t care about food reviews, they prefer to know about who goes to each restaurant and who did the decoration (although I agree with LS above who says that an eating experince involves all of the sneses and not just taste, hence the environement is also important). Hence, I presume that whoever comes here is because they need to know more about the food – and saying just “fantastic” to describe it, doesn’t really cut it.

    • Hello there. Of course I don’t mind criticism, it is all about improving oneself!
      Usually I write about both, ambiance and food because environment is important for me to. This is also one of the reasons I changed the rating system to include 3 criteria rather than just one overall star, or one overall rating. Sometimes the food is bad and the ambiance is good, sometimes (usually in a taverna) it is the opposite.
      In the case of No Reservations I gave more emphasis to it in the original review, but you are right, I should have included more in this review.
      Thanks anyway, I will try to write more about what you mentioned I just hope it doesnt get too long!

  4. I have been reading the reviews on no reservations religiously and i must say i was very surprised by the fact that there seemed to be a gourmet restaurant in Cyprus which scores so high in both service, but more importantly, with food. Being a food lover myself and having lived in London for a decade, where i have visited the creme de la creme of gourmet restaurants (Ramsay, dougasse at the Dorchester, blumenthal’s fat duck, locanda locatelli, the square, le gavroche just to name a few-and no I’m no just name dropping, there’s a reason I’m mentioning these restaurants), i grasped the first opportunity i got to visit no reservations.

    Here i must say, that i went in with high expectations, after having read the reviews.

    I agree with what everyone is saying about the decor, very poor, but i tried to tell myself i was there for the food not the decor. However, when you are getting dressed to go out for an experience (that’s what i think of gourmet restaurants), you would quite like to be in a pleasant environment…which the restaurant is far from.

    We were greeted and shown to our table by a very polite waitress and once given the menus we were very impressed with what was on paper. The wine list was pretty comprehensive, and the one we chose was quite satisfactory.

    We chose the 15 courses tasting menu and must say were very impressed with the first course, a blue cheese quiche with mushrooms and truffle oil.

    However as the night progressed, we were more and more disappointed by the standard of the food. The halibut tagliatelle was by far the most blunt thing i ever tasted, the purple potato the same and the only thing we were happy with other than the quiche, was the scallop (which they forgot to bring us and we had to ask for) another cheeky thing they do, is they combine two or three courses together, like the meat and the desserts.speaking of which, out of the five, only one was worthy eating, the creme brulee. Everything else was mediocre to bad (the pineapple mousse, which was served right out of the freezer and it was rock hard)

    Me and my fiancé decided to rate every dish and if the average was over 5, we would go back to give the restaurant a second chance. We thought that it could be that as the menu is constantly changing, we just happened to be unlucky. The average turned out to be 5.4, so we will be giving the restaurant a second chance.

    Our overall feeling is that, for someone who had lived abroad and has experienced gourmet dining at it’s best, no reservations is just another disappointing venture.

    • I was just wondering whether you gave your honest opinion to the waitress during your visit or just waited to get home and write this review. Because I believe that if you really wanted to support their effort and provide them with useful feedback you would not do the latter.

      Personally I had a great dinner, although I agree with you that the ambiance is part of the experience and the owners ought to pay more attention to it.

      • Hi Nicole. If you are referring to the Cypriot and Proud review, the restaurant and the waiters of course know C&P opinion. The same goes with all the places where they actually ask their customers whether or not they enjoyed their meal and if they have any comments. Unortunately it doesn’t happen often, even if you don’t finish your meal no-one really asks if you enjoyed it or not.
        If you are referring to the previous people that commented, well we will wait for their response 🙂

        • I was referring to ILovefood actually who made a far from constructive review and do not seem very well meant:-)

          As far as you are concerned I am a huge fan of your blog and know for sure that all your reviews are honest and without any ulterior motives!

  5. Well,you come to the point where you expect the bad review.Fortunately we have all the rest of our customers most of them from abroad….belgium,france,usa,uk,russia….and many cypriots that live abroad and in cyprus as remind us every day how happy they are with our efford,care for food and our service and their comments and feedback are made directly to us because their main purpose is to make us grow and become better and don’t arrive with a paper to put grades on our plates….and for sure they are not obsessed with our reviews….I don’t think this is healthy,but then is an opinion and we will try to get the best out of it….if that is possible.Classic of a cypriot….think that because they been in some restaurants all of sudden they became food critics…..we should make you enter in that ‘……’kitchen 18h a day so you understand what hard work means …..and by the way before I forget we never said we are a gourmet restaurant…..

    • I am amazed of your blatant scorn and contempt for Cypriots. This is not the first time you are behaving like this, as quite recently you mocked somebody who was asking more details about your dishes. A Cypriot should gulp down whatever somebody from abroad pleases to serve him and not ask questions!!! Obviously you are a guest in this country and I suggest you start treating the locals with some respect and not like some colonialist who tries to impress the natives with coloured beads. I have not been to your restaurant and your attitude is a sure enough good reason to never to want to visit.

  6. well just to let you know i am monica the owner and i am cypriot and i din’t mocked anybody.but we do not and will not tolerate everything from non polite and ofensive people,where ever they come from.
    you will be amazed to know how cypriots behave to cypriots!we have many cypriot clients that we love very much.I wont continue this discussion cause its going nowhere….we go back to work now….happy christmas to you all…

  7. Dear Monica

    First things first…my review was in no way offensive, just honest. And if you cannot take criticism, then you should not subject your restaurant to sites like these, where any customer can post their feelings. May i remind you, that in my review, i praise your quiche and scallop, because honestly those were the only two dishes we liked. Simply because you are getting good reviews in Cyprus, that doesn’t make you an excellent restaurant. Personally, i was judging you with international standards and not Cypriot, where the blind are leading the blind.

    Your choice of words just confirms your level of professionalism. I am not just any Cypriot who has been to a few fancy restaurants and pretends to be a critic, my family has experience in the food and catering business, and whilst i personally havent studied this and to me its just a hobby, my fiance who was dining with me has, in fact, studied at the best hospitality school in the world and has spent those 18 hours you talk about, in some of the most challenging kitchens around the world, including Paris, London and Berlin. And he assures me that the first thing you learn in culinary school, is MANNERS and ETIQUETTE and knowing how to handle a dissatisfied customer. And before you go thinking that we are a competitor who is trying to bring your restaurant down, let me inform you that we are not. Prior to visiting your restaurant we were very excited with the prospect of experiencing something different, which we long for as residents of Cyprus.

    We did not come to the restaurant with a piece of paper and with the intent of criticising your food. As i previously said, we planned to come back and give the restaurant a second chance. But due to the lack of professionalism in your reply, we do not intend to do so.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. Good for you…..good luck

  9. I went to No Reservations once and was extremely satisfied with everything – the food and its presentation, the wine-by-the-glass selection, the service, the ambiance, how it is something new to Cyprus, everything. I couldn’t wait to go back there, however, the owner’s attitude on this blog has completely discouraged me. This is not the first time we get attitudes from bar/restaurant owners in Cyprus and it’s such a shame because most of these places have so much potential yet they same people who manage to create such a potential also manage to destroy it with their own hands.

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