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Macarons are definitely the latest trend in the world of Cypriot patisserie. The reality is that ever since the French mini sweet bites have arrived in Cyprus, we have become obsessed with them and I don’t really think it will be just a passing trend.
After macarons started appearing in established confectioneries and sweet shops it was only a matter of time until the first macaron boutique would open its doors. And a “boutique” it is indeed! Situated in the centre of Nicosia with a pleasant, Parisian look, colourful décor and macaron stacks that remind of Marie Antoinette’s breakfast can give you a glimpse of what mAKaron is about.
Makaron NicosiaThe macaron specialised chef Andreas Konstantinou makes everything himself. Apart from small amounts of macarons that you can buy on the spot you can order large amounts for parties, weddings and other special events a few days in advance. One can find macarons in a variety of flavours like chocolate, espresso and even the traditional flavour of, Cyprus rose. The best seller is, as expected, the pistaccio. Crunchy yet soft with a light cream aftertaste is what makes them special.
Makaron NicosiaBesides macarons, they also sell mini chocolate tarts, red velvet cup cakes and a large selection of home-made biscuits. All of them can be bought in small quantities to-go but it’s definitely best to call beforehand if you would like them in bigger quantities.
Makaron Nicosia
In a nutshell, if you like to try different things, if you want to enrich your flavours and amuse your palette in this fresh and cute little place, go!



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  1. How about a doughnut shop roundup review? So many places have opened this year or two.
    Think about it.

    Now about this review, I actually tried their macarons when they were exhibiting in the wedding exhibition and they were not what i expected, actually. I tried macarons from Paul for example-who is a rather commercial shop in France a t least, and i wlso tried artisanal macarons that did not have the ideal appearance, but where you could taste the difference in ingredients used to make each taste different.

    MAKaron’s macarons were not asgood as commercial ones or artisanal ones, let alone have an exceptional quality. For me, if you decide to open a shop that specializes in something, you should be PERFECT at that. I will give them another chance just because i love macarons oh so much, and see how that goes.

    • I thought about doughnut shops. I have seen two on Tseriou ave, and one on Vyzantiou st. Are you aware of any others?

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  3. No, these are the ones I had in mind, but they have to be… I mean two in Tseriou is a lot for Tseriou! :p I think I saw something that was going to open in Ledras/Onasagorou, but never followed up, and I’m not really sure it was for actual doughnuts or loukoumades, called doughnuts in Greece…pffft.
    Let you know if I hear anything, let us know if you do make the research. Holidays are right round the corner and it could be a good alternative for casual meals hostess gifts or wtv!

  4. If i were you, I would visit that macarons boutique again and talk with the owner and try them again, because i know the guy and i believe everyday improving. So you should go to the store and try it again

    • Hi Chara, I didn’t understand your comment about visitng the boutique again. So that I can give them feedback? or to check if they have improved? It wasn’t bad when I visited it around a month ago.

  5. Proud to be cypriot, αλλά τόσο το site όσο και τα σχόλια είναι γραμμένα στα αγγλικά!! Not so proud after all?

    • Το site έγινε αρχικά στα Αγγλικά για να μπορεί να προωθηθεί με απώτερο σκοπό να δείξει στους Κύπριους αλλά και έξω απο την Κύπρο τα ωραιά της χώρας μας. Το πλάνο ήταν από την αρχή να γίνει μετάφραση σε όλη την ιστοσελίδα και παραμένει αυτο, έχουμε κανει ήδη πολλά αλλά δυστυχώς η δουλειά που χρειάζετε να γινει αυτό είναι περισσότερη από ότι μπορούμε να αντέξει και το κάνουμε σιγά σιγά!

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