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The funny thing is that I was only recently having a conversation about how I had really missed a good smoothie bar. An accessible, value-for-money smoothie bar where one can have a quick stop-over and get a juice or smoothie on the go. Squeeze Juice Bar offers that (kind of). It has a lot of shops around Cyprus so it is indeed rather accessible and easy to get to. The juice selection is  rather wide (though I would have really appreciated it if they also had a few different smoothie ingredients along with the fruit).
They offer a Low Fat Smoothie section which includes smoothies with low fat milk, apple, tropical or other fruit juices. In addition you can choose a fruitcrush (although I didn’t quite understand what makes them different to Low Fat smoothies since they both contain sorbet, ice and (often) apple juice).
There is a Super Smoothie selection with protein boosters, ice and energy boosters or dietary fibre boosters. And finally there is a good fresh juice selection.
The good thing is that there is a large fruit selection that includes (apart from the standard orange, apple), mango, berries, melon and water melon, kiwi, passion fruit and some vegetables like celery, beetroot and carrots.

Squeeze Fruit JuiceWhat I didn’t really appreciate is that all smoothies contain two scoops of sorbet (strawberry and lemon). Whereas the sorbet indeed does not include dairy, it does include sugar. Most smoothies also include fruit juice (apple, tropical, mango or watermelon). I understand that it has to include some sort of liquid, whether it’s milk, yogurt, juice or other but the fact that it includes two scoops of ice cream plus a non-fresh juice bothered me. Furthermore, it didn’ti have any cool vegetable or fruit juices and smoothies like celery, ginger or carrot and there were no options which included beetroot or ginger (having said that there is a make-your-own option).
To be fair there was a nutritional board with calories, fat, carbs, sodium and dietary fibre setting out the nutritional value for each drink and although they seemed low (e.g. 38 calories for a strawberry bang) they were stated for 100ml of drink, whereas the smallest size smoothie on offer is 450ml (i.e 171 calories).
In a nutshell it didn’t fulfill my need for a fantastic smoothie bar. I liked my All Berry Bang in terms of flavour but I didn’t feel that I was having something nutritious since it had more apple juice and sorbet (both containing sugar), than fruit (and not to mention that it cost 4.60€). I would return simply to have a mixed, fresh fruit juice.


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  1. I love their juices, but never tried their smoothies since I thought that the case would similar to what you describe.
    I have smoothies as breakfast, but because Ib too lazy to have the big blender out to crush ice with, I always end up making a smoothie-juice cross, ie banana-orange-milk or banana-pineapple-strawberry. Sometimes I add yogurt, or ground linseed or chia seed jelly for texture. 🙂
    No need to spend my €€€ on that stuff, unless i need something quick and low-fat while on the go! :/

    • So you make your own? Need to start doing that asap

  2. What’s the use of low fat options when it’s loaded with processed sugars? Their juices are delicious but they can’t categorize them as healthy. It is very misleading for someone who isn’t well informed.

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