Agiou Andreou & Christodoulou Sozou, 25364040, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Tue-Sun 18:00-24:00
I love this time of the year. Well…wait. I actually partly hate it because of the weather and time change, but I mostly love it because it’s when a lot of new places pop up, right in time for Christmas. My newly favourite place for this season was my favourite place 3 years ago so it’s not really new, but revamped. A new vibe, a new bar, a new menu, same place!
I always say this about Limassol and I don’t know why people don’t just admit it. There aren’t enough places for the 30+ crowd (yes, I belong to that crowd although Mr Proud Cypriot will soon be part of the 40+ crowd). There aren’t enough places where one can go on a Friday or Saturday evening, have good food with a nice drink and a lively vibe. Gin Fish was great for the summer, Frankie’s Social was THE opening of 2 years ago but something went wrong with the food…that’s about it! Until House re-opened it’s doors.House bar restaurant Limassol
House bar restaurant LimassolAs the name suggests it is in a beautiful old house on a very historic street in the old city of Limassol. The front yard is something beyond beautiful resembling the Garden of Eden, with low and high tables, amazing for a drink or dinner. The house inside has a more wintery and lively atmosphere. I love how it’s split into rooms as one can visit it for drinks, for dinner with friends or for a private party. The best part is of course, the bar! It clearly stands out with a very modern and elegant style. The long marble bench and the black structure that surrounds it makes all the difference.House bar restaurant Limassol

House bar restaurant LimassolThe international style menu is very easy and ideal for sharing. It contains all the classics with modern and creative twists. We started off with the Quinoa salad, a light yet filling dish, great for one person or to share. House bar restaurant LimassolThe Asian Wakame Salad was equally flavourful with sesame and chilli, a great side dish or light starter. The freshly fried and crispy Pork Milanese made into stuffed rolls with cheese, a dish that went perfectly with my Tanqueray No. Ten & tonic. My favourite dishes were definitely the crispy Salt and Pepper Squid, perfectly fried, extra salty with a hint of chilli. A classic that will never go out of fashion (ONLY IF it’s good) and the sliders.House bar restaurant LimassolThe Burger Trilogy with 3 burgers made in 3 different ways (mushroom & truffle oil, caramelised onions & cheese, and plain with ketchup and mayo) were excellent in both texture and flavour. House bar restaurant LimassolI also appreciated how they were served with onion rings rather than fries, a great change to the norm. In my bucket list for my next visit are definitely the Beef Tagliata and the House Pizza.
We also liked our gin cocktails made by the in-house barman. It was evident that more emphasis was put in a good cocktail menu because as we all know, we are way beyond beers and whiskey cokes, and into speciality gin and high end vodka drinks.
Prices start form 3€-12.90€ for food with the exception of the Beef Tagliata a very reasonable range with what you are getting.
So wake up, dress-up and go to House!




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