Larnakos 87, Palouriotissa, 96755111, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 12:00-15:00
Food: ★★★½☆ 3.5/5
Service: ★★★★☆ 4/5
Ambiance: ★★★☆☆ 3.5/5
Remember that small French bistro you’ve been to a couple of years ago? Remember the good wine, the tender steak and those authentic French dishes that reminded you of that Paris holiday? Remember how you thought the space was nice and cosy but needed a few touch ups? All of the above are now at Brasserie au Bon Plaisir on Larnakos avenue.
Brasserie au bon plaisir restaurant NicosiaBeing a bit overwhelmed with two kids in two years, with living in Limassol but coming to Nicosia almost every week, with visiting all the new restaurant openings, I must admit I forgot about it. Fortunately it’s still going strong with the same food in a better place. Although I liked the previous location I thought it was in need of a small renovation. The new space in Larnakos avenue is much prettier, cosier and being a small room makes it ideal for a winter dinner. I love how they kept the dark letter colour, combined with the dark wood of the chairs and tables I thought was very classic and warm- typical French!
The food is the same: authentic French dishes, a lot of mouth-watering steaks, melting cheese all to go with great French wine.Brasserie au bon plaisir restaurant NicosiaThe homemade pate and the Apple Salad with “raclette” and Tomme cheese were a great started to prepare the palate. Any Cheese fan should live the “raclette” experience. The beef Bourguignon with a thick wine sauce was tender and flavourful while the fillet Charolaise was equally good. What makes it special is not that you will have the best steak of our life, but that you get to try cuts and sauces you can’t find anywhere else!Brasserie au bon plaisir restaurant NicosiaAnother favourite are the moules with Mariniere sauce that are often available. If you are lucky enough you can try the all-you-can eat experience on Sundays and Monday (check with the restaurant).Brasserie au bon plaisir restaurant NicosiaDon’t forget to try the amazing Crème Brulee finalized to perfection right in front of your eyes and the crepes Souzette, a French classic.Brasserie au bon plaisir restaurant NicosiaDon’t go looking for avant-garde fusion dishes, but for classic flavours. And to be honest…isn’t that better?
We paid 30euros each for a 3-course meal with wine, a very fair amount considering what we ate and where. Highlights apart from the all-you-can-eat mussel nights include Opera nights, accordion nights and champagne nights!

Pumpkin Coconut Soup

Pumpkin Coconut Soup

January 23, 2019
Beef Bourgoignon

Beef Bourgoignon

December 27, 2018


November 29, 2018
Buffalo Wings and Rings

Buffalo Wings and Rings

November 28, 2018
Roast Duck

Roast Duck

November 28, 2018
Salted Caramel Brownies

Salted Caramel Brownies

November 27, 2018
Pizza Mine

Pizza Mine

November 21, 2018


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  1. i really liked that place . !!!!!

    • me too!! there aren’t of similar places around, even though I think it’s more of a winter place

  2. Thank you both for your good words.
    Dear C&P, you might be interested to learn that our accountant just mentionned us that this summer saw an increase of 45% in the turn-over, marking the result of our efforts to offer an attractive summerish dish selection and better pricing. (not on steaks though, as we don’t want to play on quality. Where in Cyprus can we have cheap and good steaks ? I am still wondering).
    See you again soon ! GT

  3. I don’t know if this wasn’t my night but I had a bad experience, the starters were pretty good but after 1 hour and 20 mins waiting for my 35 Euro T-bone steak to come in medium cook it came in well done and i didn’t manage to finish it. I have ordered a coke 3 times to 3 different persons and although the person in charge asked me why i didnt like my steak and i explained, i didn’t saw any sign of discount in my final bill that will make me want to visit this place again!! Sorry guys!!

    • Dear Michael,
      I am so happy I finally can contact you, although I apology for seeing your comment so late.
      Question btw to Cypriot & Proud : could we please get an alert if our restaurant gets a comment ?
      Michael, I perfectly remember your visit, and can even tell you were sitting on the first floor, on the left handside bench, by the window. The reason why I remember your visit even after so long is because I have been searching for your name and phone number all over for the following week, and was rather upset not to be able to trace it. As a consequence of this extremely busy week-end (it was Beaujolais nouveau release, and we were packed for 3 days in a row, with tables running several times), we experienced difficulties in the service that night. I am the person who brought you the delayed steak with apologies, and questioned you about it, and the one who gave instructions to the waiter for your charge to be totally removed (the waiting time was unacceptable -although you never lost your smile, both your partner and yourself-, and the cooking was totally wrong which is not at all in our habits).
      For a reason I couldn’t explain, my instructions were not followed, your bill went through without following the regular checking process, and the charge of your XL T-Bone remained. It is only on running the end of the night meeting that we found out that triple mistake.
      As you mention with humour, which again I thank you for, all this plus the coke experience shows it wasn’t your day…
      I can only apologise again, and offer you to come back for a full meal totally on the house this time, to be forgiven for spoiling your night and making you willing to visit our place again and again. Please contact me before on 96755111.
      I can also tell you that your incident conducted me to reinforce the checking of issued bills, which hasn’t failed ever since.
      Best regards

      • Good reply Gatienne…:)
        Isn’t there an alert on the comment to receive an email if you get one? I will check if I can do it from here.

        • Thank you C&P. Maybe it was good because coming straight from the heart ? 🙂
          No, there is no alert about posted comment and it would be great if this feature could be implemented.
          Thanks again for allowing communication between people who care.

      • Dear GT,
        I will be happy to accept your invitation and visit your restaurant again because i really hate to say the phrase “I will not visit this place again”. And honestly your place is not the one that someone expect to visit and then leave with a bad taste!! The reason i was so disappointed that night was that i made my point and seemed that no one cared about it. I am very happy that through this excellent website we finally managed to contact again and this made you have the chance to explain what really happened that night but also will make an unhappy customer to change his mind about your restaurant. I have to say that your reaction to my comment have made me already change my negative opinion about you although you seemed very professional at first place!! Thanks a lot and see you soon!!

        • Thank you Michael for being again so positive and for being ready to forgive us. You are perfectly right saying “our place is not the one that someone expect to visit and then leave with a bad taste!!” Please don’t delay to visit us, for our mutual (nice) pleasure ! 😉 (Au Bon Plaisir = to the nice pleasure or happy to see you again)
          Gatienne THIBAUT

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  5. Little Gem…
    It is a really nice place… Really love the mussels. The steaks are a bit thin for my taste but that´s just me a i guess.
    Prices are ok…
    Only constructive criticism i have is the wine list. The wine list needs some serious upgrade.
    Chateau Brown is just OK and that´s your best wine if i remember well. Get some quality wines for the more demanding costumers please… They don´t go bad no worries 🙂


    • Dear Hans,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      About the steaks the thin ones are sirloin, and eventually small T-Bones and Beef Chops. Fillets are thicker. You may always ask the waiter about the thickness of the piece proposed and the Chef will do his best to suit your taste.

      We have revamped our wine list on the 10th of february with very interesting additions, ok slightly cheaper than Chateau Brown but worth trying. Have you seen it ?
      We also have received again the Nuit Saint George that may have been missing on your last visit ; but we take your comment into consideration and will work on “that side” of the wine list also ; that’s a promise !

      See you again soon,

      Gatienne and the Team of Brasserie Au Bon Plaisir

  6. We had a very disappointing dinner at the French restaurant. We had the onion soup thinking it would have some resemblance to the various onion soups w have had in the past in Paris, but this one was nothing like that, it reminded us more of a junk food type of onion soup.we then ordered the cheesecake and lava cakes which looked nice. They both yard like they have been kept four days if not weeks in the fridge, And the lava cake had no lava coming out… Deco of tyre place was old and tired. Music was light and pleasant. I wouldn’t go back and I wouldn’t recommend it. It was the first time we got a recommendation from this website – Cypriot and proud- which we were disappointed by

    • Hi Xenia, really sorry to hear that! I usually go for French steaks and they are quite good for something different.

  7. Hi !
    By some mystery my answer dated 2nd march didn’t go through …

    Dear Xenia,
    It was with high disappointment that I had read your review, especially because the words I had that night with one of you didn’t reflect at all any disappointment. And your empty bowls and plates neither.
    Although it is a bit unusual to be judged for a dinner on a starter and a dessert only, I will challenge your comments as I feel I have to.
    Be sure that we DO NOT, NEVER, serve any junk food ; we officially stand for the non usage of MSG as a proof of our concern about the matter.
    We had on that night also a mushroom velouté and a pumpkins soup, also home made ; you may have asked to change your soup to one of the others if the onion was not up to your expectations.
    Regarding the cheese cake, it is a must of our winter desserts and the one you had was the 3rd we had confectioned that week, and had just been made the day before.
    Regarding the lava cake, I fairly recognise that it may have been heated for too long, leading to the lava to dry. On a simple mention about it, we would have happily replaced it, as it is also the public policy of the house.

    But really when we had that brief discussion and I recommend you to write a review on C&P about us (since you had told me you were happy you had discovered us through here), I never expected you to write a bad one after all the good words you had said about your night.

    Hopefully we will see again the one of you who was so happy, and she will manage to bring back the one of you who wrote that review, in order to clear that impression one of you got that night.

    We will welcome you anytime.

    Best regards,
    From the Team of brasserie Au Bon Plaisir

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