3C-E Spyrou Kyprianou, 22767696, NICOSIA, Mon – Sun 5pm – 1am 
I’m definitely going to give it to these guys. It takes a lot of skill to take an unsuccessful place in a not-so-ideal location and transform it into this. A beautiful, stylish, hip and happening all day bar and restaurant with an amazing vibe. The years of experience are clearly evident from every side.
Where do I begin…from the beautiful urban decor, which despite being quite dark it’s still pleasant and positive? Or from the amazing outdoor fireplace right at the very entrance? Or the green wall that separates the busy street from the cool bar. Let’s not forget the aubergine ravioli and the crusted seabass.
Without sounding too generic I would call the food creative international with an Italian touch. We started off with Beef Carpaccio and truffle oil, a light starter that was well prepared – although not much can go wrong with it, assuming the beef is of good quality. We continued with the Marinated Octopus with Santorini fava, red peppers and feta cheese that was full of flavour, tender with a slight twist to the regular one. My favourite was definitely the Aubergine Ravioli with a creamy parmesan sauce. Despite not being a fan of creamy sauces, the ravioli were just enough to make us feel we had just enough. They were cooked al dente with a good balance of rich flavours. The Beetroot Salad with spinach leaves was indeed a very light and fresh choice. We cheated a bit and also shared the Fried Calamari with white bean cream from the Bar menu, a delicious crispy starter to share and nibble on with a good drink. Finally for main courses I had the Crusted Seabass on a bed of capers. As much as I think seabass is boring, I think this dish made the most of a white fish fillet. The light passata sauce together with the strong flavour of olives and capers really made it something worth trying. While I enjoyed my fish I did crave the mouth-watering burger my proud Cypriot friend was having as it looked yummy. Supposedly the Slow Duck Breast is also worthwhile- something to look forward to for next time! We had to try the chocolate souffle on the house that looked truly indulging. Although I am not a big chocolate person you can see why this is a must-try!
Such an easy-going place for any time of the day, for any age, any look and any mood. Don’t think about it too much, be a bit open minded and just go!




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  2. Αγαπητή Cypriot and Proud,

    Επειδή την προηγούμενη εβδομάδα έχουμε δοκιμάσει το πιο πάνω εστιατόριο θα θέλαμε να παραθέσουμε και τις δικές μας απόψεις. Εκτιμούμε πολύ την άποψη σας και σε όσα εστιατόρια κάνατε κριτική και άξιζαν τον κόπο είχατε απόλυτο δίκιο και το ευχαριστηθήκαμε όταν τα δοκιμάσαμε. Αλλά αυτή την φορά δεν μπορώ να πω ότι μείναμε ευχαριστημένοι από το συγκεκριμένο εστιατόριο. Δυστυχώς, οι επιλογές στο φαγητό ήταν λίγες (κάποτε είναι σωστό, κάποτε λάθος) – προσέφερε περισσότερες σαλάτες από ότι έπρεπε. Οι σαλάτες που δοκιμάσαμε δεν ήταν και αρκετά καλές, μάλιστα ήταν αρκετά γλυκιές – δεν ξέρω χρησιμοποίησαν το ίδιο dressing…? Ακόμη, οι τιμές ήταν υπερβολικές, το θεωρήσαμε ακριβό για αυτό που προσέφερε. Και τέλος, ίσως το service να μην ήταν και το καλύτερο τους. Όσον αφορά την ατμόσφαιρα νομίζω αυτό ήταν το ατού τους. Νομίζω έχουν στοιχεία καλά που εάν επενδύσουν σ’ αυτά σίγουρα θα βελτιωθούν. Φυσικά, οι γεύσεις και τα γούστα είναι υποκειμενικά. Αυτή είναι η δική μας άποψη.



    • Ευχαριστώ Κωνσταντίνε για τα σχόλια σου!

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