news, culture & events — 19 April 2017

Alpha Square and Leventis Gallery present a new play, based on the real relationship between two artistic legends, Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.

In 1988, in a gallery in Berlin, a small painting was stolen – a portrait depicting the great artist Francis Bacon. Since then its whereabouts are unknown. The disappearance of the portrait was not just a loss of a piece of art. For the creator, the famous painter Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund), that painting represented the most important relationship in his life. A relationship which was also lost…

Directed by Andreas Araouzos

When? 06/05/2017, 07/05/2017, 13/05/2017, 14/05/2017, 17/05/2017, 20/05/2017, 21/05/2017, 24/05/2017, 27/05/2017, 28/05/2017, 8.30pm

Where? Leventis Gallery, 5 Leonidou Street, Nicosia 1097

5 Leonidou Street 1097 Nicosia


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