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I can’t say I support the fact that every girl who likes jewellery has started making her own and sells them for 300€, regardless of whether or not she likes it or if she has any talent. Having said that, I certainly support exploring your passion and developing your skills, in a humble yet confident way and I definitely do not shoot down working on something that is not what you studied. In fact some of the most internationally acknowledged designers, musicians and artists are self-taught (I am, afterall, myself an investment banker who studied economics who has developed a food and entertainment website).
Anna Koumoushi is one of those people who had the courage to explore their passion and talent, parallel to her day job. A couple of years ago when she wasn’t sure whatever or not to go through with her jewellery and accessory making, some might have called her “scared”, I call her humble. In two years, not only she created her own collection, but a series of collections of different types of jewellery.
Although the list of products, colours and materials is long, she has managed to maintain her style. After I had met her I got her concept even more as it represents her completely: full of life, colour and creativity.
Her pieces definitely stand out, where most of them are made of fabric-and metal based in all their forms. These often include: funky bracelets in all sizes, long earrings that, them alone could transform your style, long pendant necklaces with a wired string and colourful end for every day and fabric broaches to transform any piece of clothing without having to buy a new one (talking from personal experience). When I asked her who she would like to see wearing her jewellery she simply said any woman who in a way could wear it and blend with each piece rather than her jewellery “wearing” their owner.
Apart from the jewellery collection she has recently started making very well-priced accessories and gifts for Christenings and children’s birthdays like colourful head bands for little girls. She also has the brand “Made In Cyprus” with a collection of very nice totes, also beach bags, neoprene pouches and many more nice gift ideas. 
Fortunately her prices are where they should be and range from 25€-45€ depending on the piece and size, whereas the little girls’ headbands start from 6.50€. She doesn’t have her own shop yet but she has all of her collection on her website ( as well as selling through a number of other local shops. Most of her products are also on her Facebook page as well (annakoumoushi).

She now has her own space in Strovolos, a cute studio and a showroom of her work. She collaborates with other designers, her older sister being the first one, who is a furniture designer and you can see her collection there as well. Phanis Hadjianastasis is the author of the children’s book she also hosts “To Deltio Kairou tis Violetas” and Omiros Panagides is the designer of the very cool notebooks, under the name “Papernotes”. YianniFyork is the cypriot designer living in New York and he showcases his fork accessories for men and women. Very interesting work. Contact Anna at & or through her Facebook page for hours of operation and how to meet her.

annakoumoushi Studio: 6 Sozou Street, Strovolo, Nicosia


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