9 Andrea Drousioti, Heroes Square, 25013738, LIMASSOL, Mon – Sat 11.30am – 10pm, Sun Closed

I thought that this restaurant was strictly vegetarian for some reason. Maybe because they go by “gluten free restaurant”. As it turns out, at Theta Healthy Eating Cuisine, it doesn’t matter whether you are a meat eater, a vegan or a vegetarian, everyone can come and enjoy healthy food options from a rather full menu with many selections.

They are the first gluten free, milk free, egg free, shellfish, fish, peanuts and celery free restaurant in Cyprus. Everything on the menu is prepared on the spot, nothing is frozen or pre-cooked.

The place is relatively small with a few tables inside and a comfortable siting area at the veranda. The “art wall” at the back features different artists every month with no rent or commission. Either paintings, sculptures and any kind of art, organising events to promote art in the city.

The menu includes very interesting selections such as the rolls with rice paper, bowls, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pasta, platters and a very large selection of signature teas, smoothies, bio drinks, coffees and wines. The restaurant offers different dishes of day, as well as pastries and desserts.

My lunch included selections from the standard menu. To quench my thirst, as I arrived in the middle of a very hot and humid day, I had the Fresh Homemade Lemonade. Freshly squeezed lemons with hibiscus and an edible flower! For my starter I chose the Salmon Roll which was marinated salmon with avocado, scallions, cashew cream cheese spread and sorghum grain. This was interesting, but a bit too creamy for me. The rolls were wrapped in rice paper and that had an usual feeling in the mouth, kind of chewy and sticky.

The Falafel and Tamboulli salad was a big portion. Tossed with parsley and millet seeds, lemon tahini and red pepper hot sauce. The falafel bites were very tasteful and kind of spicy, with a fine aftertaste. I just wanted to taste more the tahini for this plate, but I felt the vegetables were very fresh and rich in taste. I added strips of beef on top, which are cooked in pomegranate molasses and tasted soft, but could be a bit more juicy. I did not manage to finish this one there, so I asked for it “to go” with extra tahini and I must say it was just right, tasty and felt homemade.

My lovely dessert was the chocolate and orange cheesecake with edible flowers on top and I enjoyed it to the fullest. The flowers too! Creamy like a mousse, the base was almonds and dates and on top cheese cream with cashews, agave, maple syrup, fresh squeezed orange juice and dehydrated orange pieces. The sauce on the side was made with pomegranate molasses and cacao from Guatemala, considered to be the heart medicine of love for the Mayans! The dessert was gluten/dairy/sugar/egg free. It was rich in taste, but I would love a thicker base and maybe a stronger orange taste.

The Salmon Roll was €9.50 which included two rolls and an extra one can be added for €3.50, the Falafel salad €10.90 and the desserts start from €1.50 to €6.50 a piece. On my next visit I will aim for the The Θ Burger which is their very own homemade beef burger or the Sassy Red pizza with mozarella cashew cheese and Italian herbs on top.




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  1. What’s the reason for a gluten-free restaurant? Cyprus has extremely low coeliac disease incidence.

    • Hi Leonida, I know you only coeliacs have to be 100% gluten free but in fact there are a lot of people with gluten allergies or who choose to go gluten free for one reason or the other.

    • Leonidas, please move along. Obviously nor you nor your kids have this issue, so why are you here? Mine does, and we like to eat out once in a while. Apart from that, Cyprus has millions and millions of tourists each year, all of which do not fall in your “cyprus low incident rate” logic as well, they’re not from Cyprus.

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