40-42 Vyzantiou Street, Strovolos, 22263110, NICOSIA, Mon – Fri 7am – 9pm, Sat 7am – 3.30pm, Sun Closed
I’ve said it before that bakeries are the new “frozen yogurts”, but when it comes to Wood n’ Fire Art Bakery, things change. This is definitely not a shop you can simply pass by and ignore.
A small bakery in Strovolos, that goes a step further, to preparing from scratch fresh products every day to making their very own sourdough with a four-day preparation.
Only 5 minutes with the owner and head baker were enough to realise that this is not just another fancy window. Apart from many years in Cyprus, he has spent the past couple of years in Germany learning how to bake “properly” as he says, without GMOs, artificial ingredients and anything but natural and good-for-you stuff. Everything is made fresh from scratch (he doesn’t even own a freezer) which means hours and hours of preparation in exchange for quality. Well, we like that!
The very first thing that I’ve noticed was of course the smell of freshly baked bread that was coming outside and was literally calling me in.
The place has a small siting area outside, as they serve coffee as well and inside it is small, cosy and very interestingly decorated.
As soon as I entered I saw the open view space on the left where all the production takes place and the wood oven opposite where their popular pizza is being prepared.
I was very interested in the different types of bread. The most popular (and the one that ended up in my shopping bag), is the “Pick me Up” bread with sourdough, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, oat flakes, carrot and sesame. Very tasty and at the same time light. Who said bread can’t be nutritious and delicious?
What I also appreciated is how you can simply state your dietary needs and everyone knows which bread to suggest. How about that.
Another type of bread to check out is the toast, made with first quality French butter, fresh milk and chia seeds. You can reserve your bread in advance and also order platters for any occasion.
Of course they do offer vegan products as well such as quiche, biscuits and crackers. I was curious about the olives and the tahini ones. The second one I liked best. It was very rich in tahini, but at the same time not too sweet.
Very attractive pastries on the counter from plain and butter croissants, pistachio and so many more.
Well I had to..:) try some and I went for the Danish with their very own patisserie cream and berries. I would have preferred it to be a bit more sweet, but I liked the berries a lot. They tasted fresh and the pastry felt indeed very smooth, not heavy and full of preservatives.
Overall I felt that they do know what they are selling here and they do promote something totally different from the usual suspects, meaning the “mass production” bakeries all around. I will return for that pizza and more bread, that is for sure.



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