news, culture & events — 26 February 2018
Opening: Friday 02.03.2018 @ 19:30
Information: 99569498
Hours: 10:30-12:30 & 16:00-19:00
In 2008, isnotgallery organised for the first time in Cyprus the group exhibition “Rich Art in poor times”. Simple to capture, but difficult to convince artists to expose their projects with a maximum selling price of 500 euros.
In this event, they have exposed the last ten years of recognised artists who believed in affordable art in the difficult times we live in, but also many young burgeoning artists who found our idea as something innovative and fresh.

The selection of artists is always made with strict criteria, without making discounts on the quality of projects for the sake of honor.
As a group of isnotgallery feel particularly proud to have believed in their original artistic steps and gave them the opportunity to expose their projects in this report, but also the opportunity to our philotheámon audience to acquire hundreds of excellent works of art at low prices.

In this year’s report we have raised the bar even higher. New artists from Cyprus, Greece and other countries with excellent works of art, but also recognised Cypriot artists come to isnotgallery to celebrate the 10 years of the institution!
Ten years later, isnotgallery has evolved and consolidated perhaps the largest and most effective exhibition of contemporary art on the island.
We invite you to celebrate together the feast of art, and perhaps some of you become the proud holders of your first work of art.


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