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Summer menus all over

Many restaurants are introducing their new summer menus these days, getting us in the mood of the season changing and giving us more options for our lunch or dinner dates. They adjust their new menus to [...]

This summer’s to do list

1. Visit Bakery Gourmet Kafeneio and eat the Vegan Creamy Coconut Lentils Buddha bowl – Limassol 2. Go to Prozak Kafeneio and have an ice cold beer – Nicosia 3. Save the Dates for the 12th Lemesos [...]

Lomography Cyprus – Tria Poulakia Kathontan

38 Nicolaou Rossou Street, 24255880, LARNACA, Tue – Fri 10am – 8pm, Sat 10am – 7pm, Sun 11am – 5pm, Mon Closed How about a shop combining the art of photography with a cup of coffee? This one [...]

Make it a garden date: Searching for the best garden bars

What’s better than a beautiful and dreamy garden – especially now that summer is here and we can go out and enjoy our cocktails (early or late). The truth is that I love these endless summer nights, [...]

Searching for the best ice cream : Part II

I eat my ice cream. Truth is I like it a lot. I have my preferences but I do like to try different tastes and especially unusual ones. Oh and combinations. In this year’s search for [...]

Top 10 things to do in a Cypriot summer

Eat a sandwich from Profitis Elias’s kiosk in Protaras Rent a boat from Latsi port and visit Blue Lagoon in Akamas Eat “kleftiko” wrapped in paper at Porfyrios in Peristerona village Drink “frappe” in a plastic pint [...]

The restaurant watch-list of the month

My to-visit list is getting longer and longer! I don’t want to keep you in suspense, however, so here is my watch list for the next month. If you beat me to it let me know [...]

5 Things to do in Autumn

1. Do a road trip to the mountains. Autumn is the best season for the mountains. You can enjoy a change in the colours of the trees and actually experience the change in season. It is [...]

Where to go when in Protaras and Ayia Napa

Since I was a child on our weekends in Protaras my family and I always used to go to tavernas around the area. In fact, it is something we keep doing. I am wondering, why do [...]

The first Cypriot and Proud product is now available!

I love food and anything that has to do with it. That’s why the first product by Cypriot and Proud had to be food related. But let’s be honest, I am no designer. This is why Cypriot [...]

Reviewing the best donuts around

I don’t think donuts are the new “frozen yogurt” but I feel I see more and more of these little sweet, sugary bready things lately. So I thought of doing a little research on what’s available. [...]

Best Mountain Tavernas for winter – updated

All I want to do is go to the mountains and eat traditional food in a warm and cosy place. This is why although I wrote a similar article last year I would like to renew [...]