Mac ‘n’ Cheese Recipe with Foodsaver Stores

Usually Mac ‘n’ Cheese wouldn’t need an intro because everyone loves it. This, however, is a special recipe for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s by Jamie Oliver so it’s more adventurous and more aromatic with [...]

Peruvian Burst Crab with Foodsaver Stores

Often finding a recipe is the hardest, mainly because the availability of recipes is huge taking into consideration the internet. So to pick this one I did a poll on my Instagram account (@cypriotandproud if you [...]

Home-made bread with sunflower seeds

The time has come for me to make my own bread. Ok, I used a bread mix but it definitely tasted like home-made bread, not to mention the smell of freshly baked bread that came out [...]

Borscht Soup

Soup. I always want to learn more soup recipes. Especially this time of the year. Soups are soothing, easy to make and hearty, if you make them that way. This soup is all three of these [...]

Chocolate Banana Pancakes

I have been looking for a healthy chocolate pancake recipe for some time now. I tried oat banana pancakes successfully but for kids chocolate never fails. Fluffy, soft and yummy for kids, grown-ups and any pancake [...]

2 easy ways to impress with Melon and Watermelon

Recipe 1: Watermelon Salad with Feta and Mint Imagine a more refined version of  Watermelon with halloumi cheese. The sweet and savoury combo is still there with a twist that can be used as a proper [...]

Banana Walnut Vegan Pancakes and A Fabulous Green Smoothie From Foodsaver Stores

Foodsaver Stores makes eating a healthy breakfast easy. For about two years now, I have started regularly exercising. It was very painful at the start, I never felt like I had the strength to finish whatever [...]

Avocado Sandwich 2-ways

So apart from pizza my second obsession are sandwiches. Call it my comfort food. Although I keep trying to find new combos my favourites remain the same: lots of cheese, lots of green and some extras [...]

Lemon Garlic Prawns (Gluten Free)

It’s been so hot as of late. When it’s this hot, I usually try to make salads or things that don’t have me hovering over the hot stove. So, I like this dish for that reason, [...]

Lime Energy Balls

I’ve seen a million recipes on cacao bites and fruity bites but it’s the first time I looked into lime bites. If you are a lime / lemon fan I guarantee you will love them. They [...]

Gluten-free Pasta with Superfood Pesto with Foodsaver Stores

There can never be too many ways of enjoying superfoods. And if you have kids you do need to be innovative more often than not. I have been making this recipe for the past 3 years [...]

Salmon Steaks with Wasabi Sauce and Vegetables

I like food. And I like to watch out for my family’s health. Putting these two together means that flavour is as important as nutrition and nature has made sure we can get both in one [...]