Lemon Garlic Prawns (Gluten Free)

It’s been so hot as of late. When it’s this hot, I usually try to make salads or things that don’t have me hovering over the hot stove. So, I like this dish for that reason, [...]

Lime Energy Balls

I’ve seen a million recipes on cacao bites and fruity bites but it’s the first time I looked into lime bites. If you are a lime / lemon fan I guarantee you will love them. Ingredients [...]

Gluten-free Pasta with Superfood Pesto with Foodsaver Stores

There can never be too many ways of enjoying superfoods. And if you have kids you do need to be innovative more often than not. I have been making this recipe for the past 3 years [...]

Salmon Steaks with Wasabi Sauce and Vegetables

I like food. And I like to watch out for my family’s health. Putting these two together means that flavour is as important as nutrition and nature has made sure we can get both in one [...]

Salmon Burgers 101

I have never made salmon burgers before. But I have to say I was really, really pleasantly surprised. They freeze well too, which is great as they make for a great and easy dinner, whether freshly [...]

Steaks on BBQ with Foodsaver Stores

When I lived in London I missed a lot of things but at the top of the list were undoubtedly the summer barbecues. There’s nothing better than an early evening barbecue with wine, sunset and good [...]

Chicken Thighs In Mustard Sauce

I love the fact that I can walk into a Foodsaver Store and buy nearly all of the ingredients I need for this dish. I am always looking for new ways to cook chicken. I like [...]

Honey & Lime Rainbow Salad

Right when you thought fruit salad was just a fruit salad this comes along. Sweet yet sour, refreshing and of course…nutritious is indeed a great (and easy) summer dessert, snack or breakfast. Its lightly sweet and [...]

Fresh Strawberry Tart

Delicious magazine is one of the places I trust the most. Together with a couple of bloggers, Delicious Magazine is one to follow blindly. The good thing is you don’t have to search for a great [...]

Leg of lamb with Foodsaver Stores

Do you have guests? Do you want a nice Sunday lunch? Show-stopping, extremely easy and unbelievably yummy, melt-in-mouth leg of lamb (aka Sunday roast). It may take around 5 hours but the preparation is actually 15 [...]

Lamb Shank Tagine With Apricot

I eat a lot of lamb in Cyprus. Well, I tend to think a lot of people who are meat eaters in Cyprus tend to eat a lot of lamb in Cyprus. This is an easy [...]

Summer Gazpacho with Foodsaver Stores

By far the easiest way to show off to your guests. A great starter before a BBQ or a proper sit down dinner. This cold, refreshing, soup takes less than 15 minutes and tastes fantastic. The [...]