Easy Greek fava with octopus recipe

I am not fasting but I love the vegetarian foods that come with the season before Easter. I can’t believe it took me 33 years to discover that one of the most super classics Greek starters [...]

Classic Rib Eye Steaks With Peppercorn Sauce, Parisian Potatoes and Honey-Glazed Carrots

Part of the “When Afrodite’s Kitchen Meets Foodsaver” Series If you are ever wondering what to make as an easy and delicious meal for two, you can’t go wrong with a classic steak. This rib-eye steak [...]

American Express restaurant discounts up to 20%, check them out now!

I bet you missed out on American Express discounts in at least 5 of the restaurants below, just because you had no idea you could get a discount. I know I could have saved A LOT, [...]

Tsoureki recipe by Kalopesas (Cyprus Easter Orange Bread)

Sometimes I wonder who created the Easter Bunny? Think about it. It’s a giant rabbit that has a basket full of chocolate Easter eggs. Anyhoo, I’m all for any occasion to hide chocolates around the house. [...]

No Fail Pizza With Cyprus Village Flour

I worked really hard this week to come up with a no-fail pizza dough and saucier-than-saucy tomato sauce. This resulted in me making 3 pizzas for lunch … for myself. Parr-tay. We were a little low [...]

Bougatsa (Lemon & Orange Blossom Custard in Filo)

“Bougatsa” is a Cypriot dessert (well, I think it’s originally Greek, but we make it in Cyprus too). It is an orange-blossom and lemon semolina custard encased in filo and dusted with cinnamon and icing sugar. [...]

Italian Cheese Cannelloni With Rich Tomato-Basil Sauce

I love this recipe below. It is not only a favourite recipe of mine, but is also a “fasting food” that can be enjoy before Clean Monday. It has no meat, just cheese, tomato, herbs and [...]

Brunching at Side B

Irinis 71, 99477887, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Brunch is served only on Sundays Indeed, the brunch craze continues. This time Limassol shows us how it’s done at Side B. I see it as a hidden gem, an undiscovered [...]

Pork Bourekia

I am back in Cyprus now, but these pork “bourekia” were one of the last things I had before I left for Cyprus. There are a lot of different types of “bourekia” in Cyprus. “Bourekia” in [...]

Pink Pomegranate Pavlova

Welcome autumn 2013. Pomegranates are beginning to ripen everywhere. The groceries are full of them, and we seem to have an endless collection at my aunts village home. A plethora of pomegranates. And a cook with [...]

Blueberry Pancakes & Carob Syrup

It’s the height of summer. And I am back in Canada for a month. There is a gentle warmness about the weather. And the days are long, so plenty of time to visit friends and enjoy [...]

Cyprus Artisan Popsicles: Banana-Mulberry & Watermelon-Lime

Since it is HOT outside, it seems appropriate to talk about popsicles. (Isn’t it always appropriate to talk about popsicles?!) I have been eating these home-made popsicles for breakfast, as snacks, and for dessert. They are [...]