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Lomography Cyprus – Tria Poulakia Kathontan

38 Nicolaou Rossou Street, 24255880, LARNACA, Tue – Fri 10am – 8pm, Sat 10am – 7pm, Sun 11am – 5pm, Mon Closed How about a shop combining the art of photography with a cup of coffee? This one [...]

Huga Studio

5 Boumpoulinas Street, 99370073, NICOSIA, Monday – Tuesday & Thursday – Friday 4pm – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm, Wednesday closed. (You can book a personal appointment out of studio hours).  I had my eye on this one [...]

Georgia Moditi

This young cypriot designer is one to look for all the time for unique clothing taste, but especially every season, since she always keeps up with her collections and of course her personal style.  I always [...]

Anna Koumoushi

For all of her designs and contact details visit her website www.annakoumoushi.com I can’t say I support the fact that every girl who likes jewellery has started making her own and sells them for 300€, regardless [...]

Vegan Cinnamon Tahini Biscuits

Are you fasting or just want healthy biscuits? Here’s one for you. I generally leave the recipes to my dear friend Afrodite’s Kitchen unless it’s a super easy one (and/or one made for my little rascals). [...]

Casale Panayiotis

22952444, Kalopanayiotis Village Everyone knows it but not everyone knows a lot about it…at least I didn’t. Not before my visit last month. All I knew it was a very carefully done mountain retreat. I didn’t [...]

Preferably Pure

Call Preferably Pure on 97689352 or visit https://www.facebook.com/PreferablyPure/ for orders If you have noticed a global move towards healthy eating, organic foods, clean diet is because the change is happening. We are going back to basics. I [...]

We are very Proud for Made in Cyprus!

Growing up I remember being spammed with mass produced souvenirs, post-cards with topless Swedish girls and “I Love Cyprus” t-shirts (no offense to any Cypriot and Swedish girls- I am Cypriot and Swedish people are very [...]

Hamam Omerye

Tylirias Sqyare 8, 22460006, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA) Tue-Sun 9:00-22:00 I feel I will be doing a lot of people a favour by reviewing Hamam Omerye as I am sure you are wondering what it’s all about. I [...]

Phaneromenis 70

Phaneromenis 70, 22663320, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA) Mon-Sun 10:00-20:00 Passing by it might seem like any other old city shop with random ornaments, vintage products and clothes. It is only when you look closely that you can spot [...]

The arrival of secret dinners in Cyprus: Paladar

“Secret, illegal tavernas created by different households in Cuba” was what I got when I googled “Paladar”, the name of the dinner I would attend in a location I didn’t know, with people I had never [...]

dD by Daniella Georgiou

Having previously worked at Zac Posen and Alexander McQueen, Daniella Georgiou has been designing accessories under the dD brand for the last one and a half year. Given her experience and education one thing is for [...]