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Nasty Cat

Digeni Akrita 64, , LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA) Mon-Sat 10:00-21:00 When you hear the name Erotokritos, cafe, gluten-free cake, new opening all in one sentence you start paying attention. When all of the above come with a picture [...]

Tomato Pizza & Pasta

Georgiou Gennadiou 10, 70007977, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Mon-Fri 12:00-23:00, Sat/Sun 7:00-23:00 I visited Tomato a couple of years ago, and I visited it last week. It is not that common to go to a place two years [...]


Stavrou ave, NICOSIA Steliou Kyriakidi 39, LIMASSOL tel: 80002424 Mon-Sun 12:00-23:00 Take-away and Delivery available I never thought the day that I would review fried chicken would ever come. Even Cypriot-and-Proud-health-fanatics (only sometimes)-traditional-tavern-lovers-and-major-foodies have to indulge [...]

Pi Bakery

Promitheus 12B, 22100430, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA) Mon-Sat 7:30-18:30 They say food is about satisfying all 5 senses. I tend to agree. Seeing a pretty picture of a Pi goody firstly attracted me to it. The aesthetics and [...]

The Good Food Co

28th October, Engomi, 70009111, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA) Mon-Sat 9:00-21:00 Food: 3.5/5 Service: n/a Ambiance: n/a I remember the first time I visited the Good Food Co I was so pleasantly surprised I kept going back again and [...]


Ellados 89, 25746745, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Mon-Sun 10:00-22:30 ORDER ONLINE FOR TAKE AWAY OR DELIVERY HERE After months of Mr Proud Cypriot’s nagging I managed to visit Manoushe. He kept saying it’s a restaurant with the biggest [...]

Burger Lab

Georgiou A 39, LIMASSOL (LEMESOS) Mon-Sun lunch and dinner Food: 3.5/5 Ambiance: 3/5 Service: n/a I believe with this one we have almost covered everything in the “burger area”: we have the cheap, fast-food and mass [...]

Bistro Epocha

Themistokli Dervi 39, 22765335, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA) Mon-Fri 7:00-16:00, Sat 9:00-16:00 For some time now, when passing by this small place on Themistokli Dervi, a very busy avenue, I have been wondering what it is about. In [...]

Superfood Organic Bar

Georgiou A 79, 96363556, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Mon-Sat 8:00-19:00 This is what I call a catchy name. Well, to be fair it is a good name in the sense that it immediately caught my attention, but a [...]

To Souvlaki tis Nikis

Kritis 35, Kapsalos, 25733090, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Mon-Sat 19:00-23:00 Truth be told, I haven’t tried a lot of “souvlitzidika”, (aka kebab places), in Limassol. It’s not that I didn’t want to, but that I didn’t know where [...]


Vasilissis Frederikis 13, 22314344, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA) Mon-Sat 10:00-19:00 I am quite excited about the most recent arrival in the coffee/snack domain. To begin with it had quite a build-up as rumours about its opening have been [...]

Ladi & Rigani

Makarios Ave 163, 77778005, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL) Mon-sun 11:00-23:00 Food: 3/5 Service: 2.5/5 Ambiance: 3/5 If I were vindictive I would write a bad review and dismiss this place (or at least its service). If I take [...]