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Kouklia is a tiny village in Paphos district, with only 610 inhabitants. It hasn’t always been as pretty and with so many visitors, mainly because the inhabitants were half Turkish-Cypriots who abandoned the village after 1974. On this day, the village is very well preserved with a small number of visitors (mainly tourists), and a few local restaurants. If one is passing by it is worth a visit, at least for a coffee, even though it is not a must see attraction.

Where to Eat

Main village square, 26432343, Traditional
Good for meze, as well as relaxing on the patio while watching people walk by.
Brand new traditional taverna with a modern touch. The collection of traditional antiques on the walls almost makes it museum!


It is quite popular for Archeologists, even though the museum is quite small and not really worth it. If one is interested in Ancient civilizations it is worth driving through, stopping over for coffee or lunch at Diarizos or Laledes.

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