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810m above sea level, and 42km away from Lemesos (Limassol) city, is Omodos, one of the most famous villages of the Krassohoria group (wine villages), hence the large tourist attraction. The village is kept quite well with the preserved limestone, the wine museums and the traditional shops. Some of the 310 locals still complain that it is not the same as it used to be due to the tourists, while others are thankful for their income improvement.
The center is only for pedestrians, which makes the walk through the village, its cute souvenir shops, (even though they all sell the same things), and the wine shops, a very pleasant one.

Where to Eat

Dimokratias 24 (right outside the pedestrian entrance), 25422647, 99612772, €€
A traditional taverna right outside the old center. This restaurant is better for a full traditional lunch of meze and grill.
Stou Kir Yianni
Old center (pedestrian st), 25422100, €€€
It is situated in the center of the village where you can’t drive to and it is part of the little motel with the same name (see below). Being in the very center, and as one of the most popular restaurants of the area it attracts a lot of locals and tourists for lunch and dinner, hence good for people watching.

Where to Sleep

Stou Kir Yianni
Old center (pedestrian st), 25422100


Omodos is very near Mandria, Vasa, and Malia, and part of the Krassohoria (wine villages). At least a drive around the area is worth it.

Most of the shops have similar souvenirs so don’t worry about visiting them all, even though there is a lovely blown glass shop worth going to.

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