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Classic Cars Touring Club

If you have a car of more than 20 years old and you are not part of the Classic Cars Touring Club it is time to join. Being a member of the club does not mean receiving news and notifications, but actually taking part in 2 day trips across Cyprus, one day events including track races like who can drive faster around 10 cones or who can brake easier (which gets quite tricky if you have a Fiat 500 and a long Mercedes competing).
The latest event that my old Mini Cooper, myself and 3 more friends and family happened to take part in was Nicosia Treasure Hunt together with 20 other antiques. What we did was meet at a pub in Nicosia on a Sunday morning where we were given car numbers and instructions. In the instructions there were 20 questions, like what does SOPAZ (ΣΟΠΑΖ) mean, or how many churches are there in the old city, each leading to a check-point in Nicosia. The winner was the person who answered the highest number of questions correctly and didn’t miss a check-point. Needless to say that if you were younger than 40 you would probably miss 50% of the questions because you wouldn’t know where “Viotechniki Aglantzias” is, what type of cars “Charlie the mechanic” repairs in Kaimakli or where REGIS ice cream factory is situated.
Nevertheless, after 4 hours of driving around not only did we manage to finish without missing a check point, but we came first receiving one large trophy each.
This kind of events take place once every 1-2 months and are either half day on a Sunday, full day on a Saturday or Sunday, or even a full weekend, great for the ones who like driving around and exploring Cyprus, who like antique cars and who enjoy meeting people with the same passion.

If you have a classic car and would like to join the club contact or 99677477/99651252.

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