Stasinou 16, 22376584/99408022, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 19:30-23:00
Food: ★★★★☆ 4/5
Service: ★★★★½ 4.5/5
Ambiance: ★★★☆☆ 3/5
Passing by I thought it was a casual snack bar and even tried to go for lunch only to find it closed, therefore decided to go on a random Tuesday night (especially because Mr Proud Cypriot was away and I didn’t have to worry about him complaining that we didn’t go for “souvlakia”).
Arriving there my friend and I were a bit worried as the restaurant was almost empty (it was after all a cold Tuesday night), and being quite simple and plain and together with the bright lights it reminded more of a café and even thought about leaving. It was only when the menu came that I thought, “thank god we stayed”!
What I had in my mind to be a casual dinner turned out to be a multi-course degustation menu!
It was a list of 15 dishes that included tortellone with fetta, leaks and tomato, as well as foie gras terrine with pistaccios and cherries. There was the option to order the 5 or 12-course menu (+ 2 desserts on the house) with 20€ or 30€ , respectively. The truth is I was still a bit cautious thinking “how good can this be”, we are after all in Cyprus and having in mind London restaurants it is hard to find something that measures up to them. Nevertheless we went for the 5-course option, looking forward to what would come.
The truth is every single course was carefully prepared and presented, offering a fantastic combination of flavors, having an Italian (as the chef is Italian) but also a local touch. The pecorino flan, which was excellent, was served in an egg shell and tasted like a good “flaouna”, the “kleftikowith quince was my personal favorite as it was extremely soft and tender, cooked to perfection and the foie gras terrine was full of flavour. My least favourite was the tuna with olives, apples and salmon caviar as I am not a big fan of olives in my food, but my friend loved it so I guess it is just a personal preference. For dessert we were kindly offered two of them on the house, I chose the pistaccio crème brulee and the tiramisu, both quite good (even though I preferred the tiramisu).
What made our dinner even better was, (for the first time), what came at the end: the bill. All of the above was slightly less than 30€ each with 3 glasses of wine, (for two people). It looked even less thinking that the night before I paid 25€ to eat starters and “souvlakia” at a local taverna. What was even more impressive is that everything is prepared solely by the Italian chef, and served solely by his lovely wife. The fact that they lived (and worked) abroad did not come as a surprise as everything about the restaurant is unique and different.
All in all, do not be put off by the simple and a bit quirky décor but try this unique and fantastic value-for-money restaurant with very good food, especially for Cyprus standards. Things to note: order the 12 course menu for 30€, especially if you are hungry and despite the name, reservations are recommended.

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  1. I’ve been there twice, it’s an excellent restaurant BUT both times it was empty. I wonder how could this be, with the food being so amazing…

  2. It is usually full in the weekend, and hopefully more now when the put some tables outside!

  3. We wanted to go last saturday but it looked closed….When do they open??? They should do something about letting people know that they are open………………..

    • It is normally open on a Saturday, if I am not mistaken, every night except Sundays…maybe call before?

    • We are open from 7pm-23:00.Closed on Mondays.We are planning to open for Sunday brunch from next sunday and very shortly also for lunch with a different ,simple menu and drinks for the summer that is coming.We are taking care of the outside deck….Unfortunately in Cyprus people are afraid to get into a place if it’s empty and unfortunately someone has to get in first :)….hope to finish soon with the outside not to look abandoned….you are all welcome.

      • Do you have a website or other web presence yet?

        What’s on the menu for brunch?

  4. I was there a couple of weeks ago with some friends. I really enjoyed the whole experience! The food was excellent as well as the service!
    Surely it is not a place for the type of Cypriot who is used to eating till he bursts (and then wraps the pourekki in aluminum foil to take home!). The other interesting point is that some dishes on the degustation menu are changing every 2-3 weeks keeping it interesting. Yes, the place was empty but it was full the night before, and after, our visit. For sure, i will be going back and sunday brunch sounds like a good idea. Good luck guys!

  5. We did go the first saturday they opened for lunch for the first time. Food was very good but I think for lunch they do need to change the menu and offer proper portions.

    • you mean Sunday…we had never been open on a Saturday.The menu will be different indeed.That Sunday we opened for a request on a birthday and I informed the couple(I suppose it was you) that the the menu will be different for Sundays to come and when we will be open for lunch in the future…hope to see you soon!

  6. I am not usually impressed by food (especially in Cyprus) and I also tend to be a bit cautious when fine or molecular cuisine is concerned (ESPECIALLY IN CYPRUS!). This restaurant though left me grinning with delight! We went for dinner on a very quiet night, so the owner had the time to explain to us the way the system worked and the reasoning behind the change of ingredients for some of the dishes. I greatly appreciate it when owners or chefs take the time to visit local markets and buy seasonal ingredients instead of having dishes that never change even if that means buying frozen or imported! We got the 5-course menu, which keep in mind includes desert and a bottle of Cypriot red wine recommended by the owner. The food was unbelievably tasty and the blending of flavors incomparable with anything I have tasted the past few years in Cyprus! I think I finally realized the value of just a touch of sauce instead of meat or ravioli drowned in sauce as I am used to! Overall a great experience and value-for-money too! Don’t expect to burst from the food quantity; we are talking delicate dining here, not brutal Cypriot meze (not that there is anything wrong with that either!)

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  9. I think that the restaurant is empty (although when I went there was almost full) because it is not what a “typical Cypriot”, used to large portions of food would expect. It is definitely a great gourmet restaurant, but the portions are tiny. I will agree with the hostess (and reviewer) that one who is hungry would go definitely for the 12-dish course.

  10. We went again for a second time last week. The food is very good but I would prefer to have the option of choosing from an a la carte – normal portions and not set menus….

  11. I’m coming Nicosia in September. Are you open on 1-3 September ?

    • We will be open on Saturday 1rst and Monday 3 of September.For more informations don t hesitate to contact us.

  12. After hearing a lot of things about this place we decided to go short notice. What i firs noticed is that the actual entrance is not used at all and instead it is all accessed by the veranda. The food, real amazing and every bite was a wonder on what it is and how harmonic everything was. the smoked duck was a true science fiction escapee. I personaly loved it so did my escort.

  13. And so we made it eventually! The food is amazing in every detail, wine list long enough, service great. I do like the ambience I find the place very cosy. It was almost empty last night, just another couple except from us, so I’ll pray for the place to survive as I plan to go there again. Unfortunately the comments here are right; it’s not much of a place for a Cypriot taste- I mean the size of portions, the combination of flavours and the whole idea.

    • the food was excellent, the idea of this 5/15 dish menu is interesting, but the portions were very small

      maybe if the name was “no reservations wine bar” would be more appropriate!

      • Dear Rosie,
        First of all, thank you for visiting us.Like any other restaurant you can make a selection.You can have an appetzer or more courses depending on your hunger.We are a restaurant and the small degustation menu is one of three options where you can have something to enjoy with your wine as I am sure I explain to you when I accomodated you to your table.All the best

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  15. No reservation is hands down one of the best restaurants in Nicosia. The food is AMAZING, the service is excellent (and it was from the beginning even when you could make a case for the restaurant being understaffed). Thank you Monica for this wonderful experience. And of course, my compliments to the chef.

    • Thank you Michali for your custom and the time spent for writing this review.We will try our best to do better in the future and have always happy customers.

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  17. The food was really good except for 1-2 dishes but i suppose some things are subject to taste. I did not however like that the dishes came 2 or 3 together in one plate.. kind of loses the point of a 12 course meal..

    • Thank you for visitig us!the way of serving also changes
      With the different menus,when we think personaly that
      Accomplishes the plate and make the service
      Doesnt happen with all plates,sometimes between two fish courses
      And the meats…..but not always…thank you again for your feedback

  18. I visited recently because I read so many good things about the place (mainly here).

    My verdict? Good food, friendly service and affordable prices. I can’t ask for much more!

    By the way, how some people manage to still be hungry after 12/15 courses I will never know!

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