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Giagia Victoria

Prodromou 113C, 22666076, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 10:00-20:00
After reading rave reviews of this new opening it was of course time for me to try the traditional Greek pies, biscuits, cakes and “mpougatses”* from this bakery/confectionery, directly from Thessaloniki.
First impressions upon entering the bakery were good as the smell of baked biscuits was extremely inviting, the traditional “grandma’s kitchen” décor was sweet and the staff were helpful and friendly.
Even though I heard the “mpougatses”* are the highlight, I could not help but try a few of the biscuits from the cute baskets that together with the bakery smell were quite attractive, (especially since I have a weakness for them). Unfortunately, even though they looked great and tasted ok they were a bit too dry and hard, and not as enjoyable as I thought they would be. As I was trying the second cinnamon biscuit thinking this is a waste of calories, the lady behind the counter called me. It was as if the she could read my mind as she immediately offered me one of their specialties: the “panorama”, a filo pastry with home-made cream that fortunately changed my mind. Being soft and creamy with a mildly sweet and milky taste was a true perfection! Together with the savory and sweet “mpougatses”* they were probably the highlight. I would never substitute Mr Giorgos’s galaktobourekko with theirs, but would definitely give their pastries a shot.
It is not really a lunch place but there are a few tables outside and inside where one can enjoy a savory pie, or a coffee and dessert. It seems to be quite popular for takeaway as it offers a variety of sweet and savory nibbles,  traditional pies (cheese, spinach, fetta), Lebanese sweets and of course, “mpougatses”*. I would definitely not return for the biscuits but would go running back for a savory pastry or a panorama.

*mpougatsa is a filo pastry filled with cream. The savory one is usually filled with cheese and other ingredients like spinach.

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