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Searching for the best “tsoureki” in Limassol

After a LOT of “tsourekia“, (in other words vast amounts of sugar, extreme amounts of carbs and thousants of calories), I have come to a conclusion for the city’s best “tsoureki”. Mind you, as I am not from Limassol I had no idea which the good bakeries/confectioneries were, that I believe made the search less biased. All I did was ask around and take a drive across the city.
Notes: I should fairly mention that I should have excluded De Luxe confectionery as it only had a raisin “tsoureki” that I don’t like. Alain Pitard did not have any with the excuse that they would make some closer to Easter, even though it was only 10 days before Easter Sunday (maybe she meant next year..?). Elite in Griva Digeni avenue moved and I couldn’t find it. Finally I didn’t do “best flaouna” for the reason that I am not a big fan so I thought the results would be unfair.
Without further ado, here is the list:

8 ) Sigma bakeries: Even though one of the cheapest “tsoureki” it was quite dry and a bit neutral in taste. They also have one with raisins. (3.95€)
7 ) De Luxe: I didn’t like it, but mainly because they only had a raisin “tsoureki”, which I am not a fan of. (3.75€)
6 ) Croquelino: They had ran out and kindly offered to make one for me the day after. On the outside it looks great with brown sugar all around, which created a crust, Unfortunately the taste was a bit dull and dry. (5€)
5 ) Wilton: I never got the concept behind this confectionery, I always thought it seemed to be lacking character. Nevertheless, it is quite popular so I had to go. The fact that I tried a very bad chocolate “tsoureki” which they were offering at the counter put me off, thinking the actual one would be much worse. Fortunately it was quite tasty and a orange-y, with a smooth texture and almonds on top. They also have chocolate “tsoureki” but better put on your own Nutella! (5.95€)
4 ) Zorpas: surprisingly good, given that it is one of the biggest chain bakeries in the country. It is quite large, sweet and spongy, even though it reminded of a 3 tasty days old French brioche. (5.50€)
3 ) Sweet Taste: I went twice only to be told that they had ran out, so I thought this must definitely be the best. It was very good, with bits of sugar on top. The choice between New York Sweets and this one was difficult indeed. (5€).
2 ) New York Sweets: until this morning they were winning, even though I didn’t really want them to as it would be kind of predictable (and they were the most expensive. Nevertheless, even though at 6.80€ it was very tasty, soft and smooth with a very nice texture. The sweetness is subdued that made me eat half of the loaf. (6.80€)
And the big winner….
1 ) Fiction bakeries: last but not least indeed. Being extremely soft and full of flavour at merely 4€ it was a sure win. It felt like a very squashy white bread with a mildly sweet but addictive taste. (4€)

Sigma, Zorpas & Wilton: everywhere in Limassol
Croquelino: Agias Fylaxeos 197, tel 25734444
New York Sweets: MAkarios Ave, Agios Athanasios Industrial area and Germasogeia
Fiction bakeries: Agias Fylas (right from the Tsirio roundabout towards Agia Fyla, about 300m on the right).
Sweet Taste: Pattihi 34A, 25 732231

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