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Nicosia tsourekiasis

After a few requests it was only fair that the “tsoureki” search continues in the capital. A few observations are that the average price is higher than in Limassol, and unfortunately so as the quality. I was also impressed by the fact that almost all of them had a label with the ingredients on it, whereas in Limassol only one did.
Notes: 3 Fanaria had ran out and will have more next week, Sarah Lyne closed down(…?), I couldn’t find it anyway, and Zaharoplastio Giorgos don’t make them as they do not have the facilities for them. Finally at Giagia Victoria’s they didn’t have any and said I had to order them beforehand. I also get a lot of requests for “best flaouna” but unfortunately as I am not a big fan of them, I thought it will be an unfair game.
And the results…

10 )Hurricane: I was a bit disappointed with them as its nibbles, both sweet and savory, are usually fantastic. I remember we bought a “vasilopitta” for New Years, which was delicious. Nevertheless, in the “tsoureki” competition they are definitely in the last place as it was more like burnt bread, totally neutral in taste, which didn’t even look like a “tsoureki”. They do have four different sizes though, (2€, 4€, 5€, 10€) and the owner kindly gave us an extra small one for free.
9 )Vienna: what a big surprise. I really thought Vienna would win, as it does in almost everything. Their “tsoureki” was chewy, old and very dry. It is definitely not like them to make bad baked goods as it is clearly one of the best bakeries in Nicosia. Perhaps it was just old? (4.46€ for large, 2.26€ for small)
8 )Pagkipria Artopoiia (Baker’s): even though extremely soft and fresh it was much like a nice white bread with very little taste, rather than a tsoureki. (4.95€).
7 )Zorpas: quite tasty for being the biggest chain bakery in Cyprus but a bit like a 3 day old brioche. (5.50€)
6 )Fournos tis Giagias: right across Kalopesas in Agios Dometios. I find it a bit pointless, not because one cannot have a bakery across another, but because their prices are almost equally high to Kalopesas with worse quality. Nevertheless it was not bad at all, but 0.50€ more is not a reason not to go across the street.
5 )Pandora: fantastic bakery that never fails us. Very good and fresh “tsoureki”, with a sweet but mild taste. (5.50€)
4 )New York Sweets: as in Limassol, New York Sweets has a very good “tsoureki” but a bit expensive. Over there where the standards were a bit lower (sorry Limassolians), it could be justified but in Nicosia less so. Nevertheless it was fairly sweet, spongy and tasty. (6.80€)
3 )Marangos: surprisingly good, not because they are not respectable bakeries but because I never thought they would beat Pandora and Vienna. Go for it if you have one near your house. (5.25€)
2 )Umami: A quite different and very original “tsoureki”. Then again we wouldn’t expect anything less creative by Mr Roussounides who never fails to impress us. It was shaped as a cake with white chocolate all around, and a slightly stronger taste of orange, reminding more of a cake rather than “tsoureki”. It was excellent (even though the most expensive at 7.90€). If you want to take a nice gift or try something different this is worth it. (7.90€)
And the big winner…
1) Kalopesas: undoubtedly a sure win. I was told about this bakery some time ago, and every single person who mentioned it said it has that little something that makes it special (even though pricey). Their “tsoureki” was extremely soft, spongy and full of flavour. I already had 5 of them in the car, but the strong baked bread smell came only on its addition. Truly worth the 6€.


Baker’s (Pagkipria Artopoiia): right below Zena Palace cinema off Makarios Ave (one of many)
Fournos tis Giagias: Grifori Afxentiou 179, Agios Dometios (across Kalopesas)
Hurricane: Nikokleous 7, old city of Nicosia, tel: 22663284
Kalopesas; Gr. Avxentiou & Yppodromion 1, Agios Dometios tel: 22 878 177
Marangos: Vasileos Constantinou 1, Agios Dometios, tel: 22200800 (one of many)
New York Sweets: Nikis Ave 3C, tel: 22493737
Pandora: Digeni Akrita 22, tel: 22349132 (one of many)
Umami: Esperidon 2C, Strovolos, tel: 22317128
Vienna: Keryneias 147, tel: 22337245
Zorpas: all over Cyprus


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