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To Haratsi

Tue-Sun 17:00-23:00
Service: [rating:0] n/a
Service: [rating:4] 4/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
Walking past it in the morning one could think it is an abandoned “old school” café (“kafenes”), from a different era. It is after all right on the buffer zone so I would definitely bet it has been there since before the Turkish invasion. It is only if you go after 16:00 that you will see the real Haratsi, one of the old city’s most unique cafes.
Being there for more than 80 years and despite being recently re-opened by a much younger owner and old city lover, it is not renovated. Together with its old kitchen and inside space it has kept both its atmosphere and vibe. As far as drinks are concerned, you can get everything you were able to have back then. Apart from the standard local coffee, lemonade and rose milk, “Stavros the poet” also serves beers, Zivania, ouzo, wine and of course his signature drink, brandy sour. Fortunately his prices are not so far from the original either, being definitely less than what you would pay anywhere else (2.50€ for a frape).
While you are walking towards it, it might look more like an old house but it is indeed a café. It might be old, the tables might be in the middle of the street (literally) and it might be rustic and worn down, but it is definitely different. Go in the summer to sit outside as this is what Haratsi is for.
Note: to go to Haratsi you have to walk (or drive) behind Stoa in the old city market (Dimotiki Agora). It is right in the buffer zone on a street which is closed for road works.

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