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Summer sports: Kite surfing

Coming back to Cyprus I was thinking one has to be crazy to use the gym, or at least in the summer. Being on an island gives access to so many outdoor sports and activities, that combines pleasure, exercise and tanning in one go! Ignorant as I was I had to search for these activities, a non-trivial task as most of the instructors and sport centers do not have a website. Nevertheless, I discovered quite a few useful sports that, I would like to share as part of my summer favs category.
One of the most famous, exciting, adrenaline stimulating and dangerous sports (also in the “extreme sports” category) is kite surfing. It is a sport that takes the best out of a range of water sports like surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and paragliding. It uses the wind and the kite to pull the rider on the board. The size of the kite varies on depending on the wind and affects the speed of the rider. As a sport, it is not extremely difficult, in the sense that anyone can learn but quite dangerous if one is not careful.
One would think that in a country like Cyprus it is not as common as it needs strong winds. Surprisingly so, it is actually very much possible to do kite surfing all year around. April-October is the main season but lessons can be given all year around. One does not need to buy their own board and kite as they can be rented.
The best thing to do is take a 3-day course (3 hours each day) rather than one lesson as it is much easier to learn. The schedule is as follows:
Day 1: Learn to rig kite, basic flying skills, safety procedures, body drag in water.
Day 2: Learn on a bigger kite or longer lines for more power, body dragging and one handed skills.
Day 3: Introduction to board control, water starts and riding,
Upon completion of 3 day course students will all be issued with IKO card showing level they attained.
What do you need? Nothing apart from your bathing suit. Equipment can be rented
How does it work? You stand on the board and hold a kite which pulls you using the wind speed
Necessary weather conditions? Windy
Level of difficulty: Hard
Location: Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos
Price: around 280€ per person for 3 days (3 hours per day). Max two persons can participate in one lesson
Contact: call 70002270 or email between 10am-5pm Mon-Fri for more information and bookings

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