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Summer sports: Stand up paddle

There are different types of sports: the adrenaline stimulating ones (wind surfing, kite surfing, water skiing), the indoor ones, often difficult and effective (gym, free weights, Pilates etc) and the outdoor, easy and effective ones (cycling, running etc). My latest discovery belongs to the latter category because it is outdoors (in the sea), it is quite easy, no particular skills (or lessons) are required, and it is quite good for exercising your upper body, core muscles and arms. It is called Stand Up Paddle (SUP). If you like exercising but not pushing yourself to the limits and cannot be bothered to learn a new sport, SUP is perfect as you can do it anytime you like as long as there is an available board and it is not windy. For the ones that like a challenge they can try it when the waves are stronger and even surf using the board and the puddle.
What do you need? Nothing, yourself and your bathing suit.
How does it work? You literally stand on a large surfing board and paddle
Necessary weather conditions? Low winds and calm sea especially at the beginning
Level of difficulty: Easy (even though it might look difficult)
Locations: anywhere they rent surfing equipment. I am using Limassol sailing club, call 70009045 for more info
Price: one can rent the board and puddle at 80€ for 10 hours. Costas at the Sailing club can show you how to use it (no lessons are really needed)
Contact: Costas on 99436343 for board and puddle availability or 70009045 for info on SUP

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