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Summer sports: Diving scooter

Even though I added it in the sports category it is not really a sport but mostly an entertaining activity. This diving scooter (or B.O.B for breathing observation bubble) allows a person to explore the underwater world without any diving experience or training. It is easy, fun and hassle free.
Once you are in the sitting position on BOB, your head and shoulders are encapsulated within an air bubble where a constant flow of air enables you to breathe normally whilst you are cruising along enjoying your undersea adventure. You can touch your face at any point and wear glasses and contact lenses. The trained professional accompanying you will also take photos and videos of your adventure. If you like fun group activities and don’t have time to take 3-day courses this is ideal!
What do you need? Nothing apart from your bathing suit. Equipment can be rented
How does it work? You go diving wearing a head bubble, you sit on a scooter and you move underwater
Level of difficulty: Easy
Location: Protaras
Price: around 55€ each
: call 70002270 or email between 10am-5pm Mon-Fri for more information and for bookings.

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