After more than 15 kebab portions (or “mix pittes”), 15% increase in my cholesterole, and a gain of 1-2 kgs I have proudly completed the capital’s “best souvlaki” search. A few things to note are that:

– “souvlaki” (or “souvlakia”) is the Cypriot kebab. They are simply chicken or pork cubes cooked on charcoal, served inside a pitta bread with a tomato and cucumber salad. It can be ordered mixed as well which comes with “sieftalia“, all you have to say is “one mix”!
– all the information below has been collected between March-May 2012. I understand that I might have left some out, as I wanted to focus on the most popular ones to start with. Feel free suggest more for the next “Best Souvlaki” update
– all the portions were between 5.00-6.00€ (forget the times when we used to pay £2)
– there were four of us trying them out (the same people each time) and everyone shared their opinion but the final decision came from myself, the main proud Cypriot. Fortunately we agreed most of the time
– finally, all the pittas were mixed (pork “souvlaki” + sieftalia)

The runner-ups were Yparhw in Latsia (good but not for top 12), Kazamias in Akropoli who is quite average, Costas Grill in Engomi who also has delivery and Narkissos in Strovolos. Finally I hear Theodoros in central Nicosia is quite good but he is only open for lunch, and Armenaki I really like but did not include as they offer slightly modified “souvlaki” and their inclusion would not be fair. One last comment is that I like larger size souvlaki cubes with a small amount of fat for them to become more juicy (even though I won’t eat it). My personal definition for the worse “souvlaki” is small and burnt with no fat (hence dry, hard and tasteless).

12. Stou Kyriakou (Strovolos): for a taverna that is so famous I expected much better. The “souvlaki” were quite tiny and very dry. Instead of take away kebab one should try its “meze”, which is usually quite good.
11. Souvlaki tis Nikis (Akropoli): quite average. If the “souvlaki” has no fat around it how can it ever become tasty? Not to mention that the portion was small. A comment which is definitely worth mentioning is that they have THE BEST “sieftalia” of the search, and they are one of the few that are open for lunch as well.
10. Berlin 2 (old city): mega surprise as I expected it to be at the top. I am wondering if it was just because I ordered take-away? Nevertheless, it is still top 10 in Nicosia, even though I thought it would be top 3. Its “souvlaki” were dry and the “sieftalia” had an extreme amount of fat and “panna” (the membrane which they are made of). For a sit-down dinner at the restaurant it is still one of Cypriot and Proud’s favourites despite the take-away experience. One thing to mention is that the portion is of a generous size.
9. Leventis (Agios Dometios): growing up it was probably the best taverna and take-away “souvlaki” in Nicosia. It is still very good (even though people complain that its food has become overpriced) but not as good as it used to be.
8. Pambos (Aglantzia): I hadn’t been here before March and I was pleasantly surprised. The “souvlaki” were very tasty, salty and soft whereas his “sieftalia” were not far behind!
7. Lambros (Ayios Andreas): all time classic. I did not expect anything less from Mr Lambros who does fantastic pork “souvlaki” (even though rumour has it his pork chops are a mega hit).
6. Gravella tze kapnia (Engomi): new discovery around Engomi that fortunately does delivery as well. Dining at the restaurant is much better as one can try a selection of their grilled meat but their “souvlaki in pitta” was fantastic, tasty, with the perfect amount of fat, salty and soft.
5. Kalypso (Akropoli): yet another surprise. The restaurant itself looks so decadent that I would never think they have such good “souvlaki”. The reason why it is good is because it is different, larger in size being quite soft and juicy. If you don’t like larger size  cubes you will not like Kalypso.
4. Andros (Aglantzia): another surprise, and a very good one! Andros and Tziortzis (below) were both equally fantastic, with full of flavour “souvlaki” and fantastic sieftalia. His pitta bread is the best as it is a tat larger than the rest. It doesn’t have a lot of fat pieces (or “milloudes”) but rather the meat itself is quite soft on its own. I would drive to Aglantzia (from Strovolos) for Andros.
3. George’s Chris  (or Tziortzis) (Strovolos): I don’t think anyone can argue that Tziortzis’s “souvlaki” are one of the best in Nicosia (hence the amount of human traffic he gets). Tasty, salty, medium size with the perfect amount of fat. There is no doubt I will keep returning.
2. 3+1 (Latsia): even though a lot might disagree, my personal opnion is that 3+1 has fantastic pork “souvlaki”, and extraordinary chicken “souvlaki”. The pork meat is extra tender, more tasty (even though again larger than average) and truly great. It is a bit far for most Nicosia residents but if one doesn’t mind the distance it is a must-try, at least for his chicken.
1. Kyriakos (Aglantzia): I did not expect anything less from Kyriakos. Even though he makes his “souvlakia” in what looks like the side of his house (and serves people on his front porch), he undoubtedly has the best pork “souvlaki” in Nicosia, soft, tender, tasty and at very generous portions. I also like visiting his taverna for a casual dinner to enjoy the rest of his fantastic grilled meat.

Once again, the above is clearly an opinion and not a fact, feel free to add your comments below



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  1. Next time you should review Pikis on Nikis Avenue just off the Kennedy turning. Legendary souvlaki

    • I used to go there when I was young but I thought over the past few years it is not as good as it used to be. Will include it in the update!

      • Agreed. BUT, he used to make a really good whole grilled chicken (cut into pieces); alas, no more.

  2. Could you also publish addresses?

    • When you click on the name of the restaurant you can get the phone number and the address

  3. Kontosouvli?

    • hmmm perhaps after the “kleftiko” search!


  4. Y U NO TEST ORFEAS? Orfeas stin aglantzia and Souvlakia athalassas.. om nom nom…

    • I used to eat a lot at Orfeas when I was young but stopped 10 years ago as I heard they had sanitary issues (cypriot rumours). Will include in the next update!

  5. Keep this one updated, like I said, 4 some people it’s a life mission:-)

    Also Christiphoros on Vyzantiou (next to I’ll paesano if not mistaken) is worth a try, as he includes the order option “souvlakia peiko” (bacon) 4 those who like them with more fat! And yet, I agree on your Nr. 1! He also serves great tomates me t’afka on his front porch!

  6. there’s gonna be a kleftiko search? oh pleaseee include me in your team!

  7. Can we have some feedback on Narkissos, personally I consider it the best sheftalia in town!!

    • Narkissos, Theodoros, Lenas & Kontosouvli already on the to-do list!!


  8. you should try ”ANI”, it’s a very small armenian taverna in acropoli, ..but the souvlakia and the dips are amazing..


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  10. i can tell that you know your souvlaki places:), but you have one particular place missing, which could easily be in your top 3.
    i would strongly suggest “to minore tis foukkous” (Panikkos) in strovolos, especially for the amazing souvlakia. dine in is an option, though limited.
    i can easily say its the best souvlaki i have tasted.

    • I agree with Constantinos!
      Best ever Minore ths foukous by Panikos!

    • Oreos indeed… 🙂

  11. Best souvlakia (with fat in order to be tasty) is Nikos Tserkezos Palouriwtissa, and best chicken souvlaki (try the marinated one), is by far Athina Restaurant in Leoforos Larnakos Aglantzia and I Foukou in Leoforos Athalassas!!

  12. Try Athalassa Souvlaki, Athalassas Avenue tel 22454647 best shieftalia by far

  13. i totally disagree about Gravella tze kapnia (Engomi) . not even close to the best ones !

  14. The best souvlaki in Lefkosia is MARATHOVOUNOS in Lakatamia. Only take away.

  15. you should try Malaktos – Larnakos 34 in Aglantzia. now it s under new management. They do the best chicken souvlaki i have ever had. and their pork chops are also huge and delicious. you should really include it in your reviews

    • Will do! The update will start in September

  16. Try souvlaki bar 24, themistoklis dervis street.itsgreat!!

  17. OK My friend, I am a souvlaki freak, 3-4 times a week its a must for me, the best souvlaki not in Nicosia but in Cyprus is in Larnaca Efthimis, he makes the best sieftalia, and the only one who makes this keftedes sta karvouna, try it and let me know. I go to Larnaca very often to eat from his Souvlakia, I am his customer since 1976 and all the friends I took there now they go there too. The next one is in Paphos and he is GENNADIOS if I go to Paphos I must go there for sure 4.50 euro for normal pitta and 5.50 for enisximeni very cheap and very very good. In Nicosia although you mention plenty there is no one that I can name and say he is the best like I did with Efthimis and Gennadios, I tried most of the ones you mentioned but no one clicks for me to say he is the best, I will keep looking 🙂

    • I love Efthymis!! He is actually in my “best souvlakia” in Cyprus category. Next stop Gennadios (even thoughg going to Paphos to try souvlakia is a bit of a stretch!)

    • I too am a Souvlakia-maniac and recently tried 6/7 places in Limassol (where I was staying over the Summer) in a bid to find one which would become my regular.

      However, whilst I didn’t have too many major complaints, I also wasn’t blown away by any of them.
      (They were all decent enough but none could match those made by my Limassol-based relatives or even what I’m normally used to at my regular place in the UK; Vrisaki, in North London.)

      I’m now back again for a short Winter break and was wondering what recommendations for Limassol Souvlakia joints enlightened readers might have.

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  19. Looking at the list I was really curious about number 1 so I tried Kyriakos for the first time and it was ok but in my opinion far from being the best souvlakia in Nicosia… I would say Georgis is much better and Nikos in Voleios Polos is probably the best souvlakia in town. Have you tried it?

    • You are the second person in one week to tell me that Kyriakos is not as good as it used to be! Yes I have tried Nikos recently and he is doing pretty well in the updated “Souvlaki” review!! (which will be public soon)

  20. Your list is truly a reflective opinion.
    However it lacks objectivity.

    from those listed except Leventis and 3+1 the rest do not even reach average let alone good , not to mention top.

    Of course i might lack objectivity too since it is …an only opinion…..after all

  21. As a glutten allergic myself, I can easily spot meat tenderisers and flavour enhancers. I have to say that it is very difficult to find pure, addidives-free souvlaki nowadays!

    • You should go around and identify the good quality and additives free food for us!!

  22. Please try the following the let me know
    1. APOEL souvlaki (at the APOEL building across from the Hilton Hotel), overall I think it is one of the best right now..
    2. Pambos Souvlaki (22334411) A small place just before the Filoxenia traffic lights. Very juicy and tasty with excellent prices!
    3. Levendis I will agree that they are very tasty but lately (after his TimeOut award) the quality is not as good and the price has gone up.
    4. Kallipolis Souvlaki is also very good.

  23. Excuse but you haven’t had souvlakia unless you tried Kameris souvlakia in Lakatamia!! I have tried and tested everywhere but that is where the treasure is hidden!!!they only open lunch time and once you have had them you are addicted!!!That traditional smell of souvlakia on charcoal ,onion..fresh parsley MMMMMMMmmmmmMMMM..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  24. I think that one of the best souvlaki is the one at Kalypso. The ambience is so bad, especially in the winter when you sit inside, that most of the time I take my food and go home to enjoy it. However, what I like about the souvlaki there is 1. the meat which is cut in bigger pieces and it is well cooked, but still juicy and 2. the fact that they only use tomatoes, cucamber and onion in the pitta, as opposed to cabbage (krambi) or all sorts of greens to fill up the pitta and use less meat in it…

  25. Come on guys – no recommendations for us Limassol visitors?
    Now that I’m due to spend more time there, I’m quite prepared to try all suggestions!
    Let’s hear them. 🙂

    • we need the Limassolians to give us recommendations! So far I know Kypros 1, Kypros 2, and Kypros 3

      • Sorry to say that in Limassol you are still far away from good places to eat souvlaki.
        Prices are expensive, portions are small and taste is average… Normal mix pitta in Limassol has 2 sieftalies and 1 skewered souvlaki for the price of 5 – 5.50 Euros…

        • having a hard time in Limassol in terms of good souvlaki, thats for sure

  26. You are quite harsh on Souvlaki tis Nikis considering that it makes one of the best (if not the best) marinated chiken souvlaki in town.

    • I eat souvlakia from “Souvlaki tis Nikis” often since he’s near my apartment.
      This place is always so busy that prooves souvlaki there is awsome, either pork or chicken. Chicken is by far among the best in Nicosia..

  27. Tried several of your choices above,especially those featuring in the first ten places,and the big perhaps only surpise was your number 4 Andros-Aglaggia.By far the best ,deserving an upgrade to no.1.The establishment is a humble shop in a refugee housing estate? I could not find any sign stating Andros but the address was OK map too.the service was excellent,smiling polite people.Souvlakia and shieftalies very very tasty ,tender,juicy full of flavour and cooked to perfection and properly salted.I always like my pitta xeropsimeni or kapira and it was done the way I like it.Lemon was separetely wrapped in a silver foil and onion and xydata in another small pack.

    • When I was writing the above post it was the first time I had tried Andros and I was surprised as well. He is also the only one on which every single person agrees he is very good

  28. The Best souvlaki is in LARNACA at ΕΥΘΗΜΗΣ you get the best sheftalia and the best Κεφτεδακια cooked on the karvouna that no one else makes try him 24651390 and after you do send me a massage and tell me if i was right 🙂

    • Efthimis souvlakia are really great… dont forget taxi in your keftedakia.

  29. Guys you should try souvlakia and beef gyro of “Pambos” Tavern.
    This tavern is on your right on the way to Aglantjia from Aluminium Tower traffic lights.

    Been there twice with friends and both times we were very satisfied with the portion/taste/quality/service and above all prices. Average price paid was 13euro pp including our beers/soft drinks.

    The place itself is nothing special but the food is…Highly recommended for “foukou” lovers.

    • have tried it, and love it!! It is actually on the list

      • I am actually talking about “Pambos Tavern ” on 81B Aglantzias Ave (Tel:22334411). Just before you see the side of “Synedriako” on your right.
        I am not talking about “Pambos Tavern” that is more further down and off the Aglantjia Ave.
        Sorry if not been clear.

        • Είναι ο ίδιος Πάμπος νομίζω. Πριν το συνεδριακό στα δεξιά σε ένα μικρό αδιέξοδο σωστά; Δεν γνωρίζω τον άλλο Πάμπο κατακρίβεια.

  30. I really believe that Chris Gyrohouse & Grill in Aglantzia should be included in your list as one of the best souvlaki places and taverns in Nicosia.The pork souvlaki and sieftalia they make are fantastic,always fresh,tender,juicy and tasty,chicken souvlaki is the best I ever tasted and about gyros surely amazing.They also have a very nice diner ideal for grilled meze night outs.Am their fun and customer for 15 years now and really I was never disappointed.You must try them!!!!

    • I agree. I especially like their sieftalia and their beef gyros is really good too!

  31. Great choice and selection my dear, but as I true Souvlikan of Nicosia I have to say that you missed out on:

    Narkissos in strovolos and Tavernaki tou APOEL in acropolis. May the latter not fool you, over the last two years tavernaki is one of the best kept secrets for anything grilled

  32. You forgot Apantisi at Lakatamia. Definitely better than all above. By far. Fresh, juicy, perfect sized cubes, perfect amount of fat. You should also try their giant pork chop. Bon apetit!

  33. Agree with your review of Souvlakia Nikis.

    You should mention though that they have the best CHICKEN souvlaki.

  34. THE BEST pork and chicken souvlaki in Nicosia is ”SOUVLAKI TIS NIKIS”…especially chicken souvlaki it is marinated and grilled on charcoals with pieces of fresh pepper and is delicious..Once i asked the owners about the portions and they explained me that the portion is not small, if you consider the weight of the portion..they include big pieces of souvlakia (pork,chicken,shieftalia) which portion looks small but when you finish it , you are fullfill…for sure you will reach your limits and say ”EFAMEN TZ ESPASAMEN PALE”.

  35. Hey, have you tried Tsherkezos (Andreas) in Kaimakli? facing the school I think behind a flower shop…only does take away, so far my favorite 🙂

  36. i believe that the best traditional take away souvlaki and sieftalia is nikos tzerkezos in kaimakli (22435181). another good place is panikos at athinwn street strovolos which is especially for those who like it SOZOUMO (22426533). a new place aglantziotiko souvlaki is really good 22347044. also antonakis in arsinois street (22429069) is another traditional place. berlin was at the top of the range but is not anymore. last two times i visited the place i was extremely dissapointed both with the food and the service and i get really irritated when someone says they are out of tasxi. how can you eat souvlaki without tahini? i tried kyriacos in aglantzia again not impressed as souvlaki was stiff without any fat.
    some people like the fat on the souvlaki some don’t. so for me the good souvlaki mas have fat and the sieftalia must be soft and without too many spices!
    giorgis is also not as good as it once as. very average last time i ate which was last year. although i hate apoel it has a decent tavern and good souvlaki. i heard about andros in aglantzia but haven’t tried it yet 22331831. souvlaki nikis is decent but its more known for its chicken kebab. gravelia kai kapna again not impressed similar to nikis. i want to try to souvlaki tou pasa. still didn’t manage to try it as well as 3+1. last time i visited leventis i had stomach issues. lambros at ayios andreas is ok again not so special. pikis in nikis average again. kalupso is good (22515222) but if u sit there it may take a while for the food to come. i can’t recall something else right now.

  37. and apantisi which i forgot is top

  38. I highly recommend trying the souvlaki at ‘TO PARKO’ in Kato Lakatameia (Alexandrou Panagouli). Delicious every time and have not found yet a better substitute.

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