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Ellinon 40, 23831145, Protaras, AMMOCHOSTOS (FAMAGUSTA)
Mon-Sun 9:00-23:00
Food: [rating:3] 3/5
Service: [rating:2] 2/5
Ambiance: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
My first memory from Kalamies is when I was 5 years old and I was running around the restaurant screaming and begging my parents for 20 cents to play videogames. The last thing that had crossed my mind then was that 20 (plus) years later I would be writing a review for the Kalamies of a new era: a pretty and all-white restaurant right on the beach of Protaras.
Even though its menu (that I have seen only once) includes a selection of international meat dishes, pasta and even pizza, Kalamies is a seafood restaurant. All one has to do to when they are looking for the menu is ask the waiter what kind of fresh fish they have and preferably go and choose one form the kitchen. It is unacceptable to order anything apart from: a salad, “tahini”, “taramosalata”, a selection of grilled and fried fish for starters (octopus, calamari, cuttlefish, red mullet and another one or two depending on the day) and a big fish to finish off. I have to mention that the quality varies but 85% of the times that I have been it was very good, even though overpriced. What I really like about Kalamies, is that, as most of the seafood taverns in Cyprus, they make everything grilled or fried with lemon and olive oil only. Even though I miss fresh seafood pasta and something more creative this is what Cypriots know how to do well and have fortunately stuck to it.
My personal favourite that I have whenever I go is the grilled octopus and cuttlefish (“soupies”), both of which are usually very soft and tasty, the fried baby calamari as it reminds me of my childhood and the fried red mullet, which is excellent (when they have them). I once tried rabbitfish (“kourknouna”) but it was, however, nothing compared to the above. In our latest lunch last Sunday we had the silver bream, which was also fantastic cooked grilled with lemon, olive oil and parsley, even though at 51€ for a a fish of less than 1kg.
Our bill came to be 47€ each (two people) with no alcohol, which I thought was extremely excessive for a Sunday lunch. It seems that 40-50€ is a tariff at Kalamies: whatever you order this is what you should expect to pay! Having said that, if you like plain and fresh fish, you like to be by the sea with a good view (as it should be on a coastal town), you don’t mind overpaying for good fish and you are not annoyed with the kids running around (as it is a family restaurant), then you should definitely try it. I personally cannot imagine being on holiday in Protaras and eating seafood anywhere else but next to the sea.

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