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searching for the best ice cream

As a heat wave has already hit our island who can really eat any other dessert but ice cream? After our top souvlaki in Nicosia and right before the “kleftiko” research it was only appropriate to do an overview of all the ice cream parlors (a break from meat and dive into sugar).
I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality of the ice cream as well as the innovation in flavours varying from the local sweet, “karidaki” to “coca cola”! In no particular order:

Pahit Ice

An all time classic, which has made a lot of improvement over the last few years, and with a couple of cafés around Nicosia city. Their selection is extremely wide with more than 45 flavours. My personal favourite were “mandolato” (almond) and nugatino, as well as very good strawberry and mastiha flavors. Their sorbet list is long, and the only one that  the only one in which I could find kiwi and fig flavours. As I am a fan of frozen yoghurt as well, it is worth mentioning that they are doing a good job there too. It is almost as good as my all time favourite SNOG!


Truly and utterly fantastic! All made in-house with fresh and local ingredients. Must-try is the vanilla made with the real vanilla, the milk chocolate and the caramel brownie flavour. Kalopesas belongs to the “new age” ice creams as I call them, where they make it a bit more creamy and a bit more milky reminding Italian ice creams, whereas the old time classic Cypriot ones are usually more icey.


One of the oldest ice cream companies in Cyprus still going strong. Even though a lot of their flavours need an update, they are still legendary for their rose ice cream which is the best in the market!


Relatively new parlor in the Stavros area in Nicosia. Again extremely wide range of flavours a bit different to the rest.  They have A LOT of the standard chocolate flavours into ice cream (Snickers, MARS, Smarties) as well as my personal favourite, “kataifi“, all of which served in home made cones. They even have Lolly Pop and Coca Cola flavours (even though I got used to the cola candy I still need some time for the ice cream…the weirdest taste ever!). Another thing to note is that they offer sugar free chocolate and ideal for the ones on diet or diabetics.

Pandora bakeries

Very wide selection of both sorbets (no milk) and ice cream with more than 40 flavours, made in-house with Italian recipes. What is even better is that most of them have less than 10% fat! My personal highlight was the coconut with white chocolate flavour which was perfectly sweet and milky with a strong taste of coconut that is not easy to find in Cyprus. Their strawberry sorbet was also very good.


Another all time classic, mostly remembered for the luna Park-ice cream combo! Apart from the standard flavours: legendary strawberry ice cream and as of recently a very good raisin and rum as well as a carob flavour (if you are a fan), what is really special about Papaphilippou is their Nostalgia selection. How it works is that you choose one (or more) out of fresh fruit, Oreo cookies, brownie, nutella or whatever else you want and on a cold stone it is mixed with Madagascar vanilla or chocolate to make your own custom made ice cream right there and then. My strawberry and Oreo ice cream was divine with a mild taste of vanilla and it is one of those things you eat and don’t give a dime about the 1000 calories it probably contains… MUST TRY!!


As if they are capable of making something that is not good! I personally prefer Vienna bakery for their Ferrero ice cream and their dark chocolate. It is made with Italian recipes and tastes like the real thing! Their ice cream is very creamy and soft and fantastic for more chocolate-y flavours rather than fruit.

New York Sweets

The best yoghurt ice cream in Cyprus! Don’t bother choosing between the yoghurt with honey and walnuts, the one with strawberries or blueberries as all three of them fantastic. Another personal favourite is the chocolate brownie flavour.

3 cows

Their reputation precedes them as I heard it was very good but I had never been before last week. I didn’t know what I was missing! Their ice cream is an utter satisfaction. Another “new age” ice cream (as Kalopesas, Vienna and New York Sweets), with the selection being quite wide. They have funky flavours like “karidaki” (local walnut sweet), bubble gum and “teratsomelo”, as well as quite a few classic chocolate ice cream creations. My personal favourite was definitely “Bounty” as I have a weakness for coconut, and cheesecake that is served with crushed biscuit on top. Another thing I loved about 3 Cows is their topping selection that varies from Oreo cookies, to Smarties, chocolate, brownies, candy or fruit!

Zorba bakeries

With an extremely large improvement from last year Zorba bakeries are back with a lot more flavours. I particularly like the lemon sorbet as well as their most of their fruit flavour selection.

Haagen Dazs

A league of their own as it is one of the best ice cream in the world. It is worth the drive to the Mall (in Nicosia) if you are sugar deficient or chocolate obsessed. Their new midnight chocolate is truly amazing whereas their classic cookies and cream is not far behind. I also love straweberry cheesecake and pralines and cream with actual praline pieces. There is also a sorbet selection. In any case, ice cream or sorbet fan I am almost positive you will find something to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Four Seasons

Even if only in Limassol Four Seasons home-made ice cream (as the rest of the desserts) are a delight! Their apple pie (with caramelize apples) flavour is divine, although unfortunately not always there, and their chocolate sorbet is fantastic. Their selection is definitely creative! One can find them at Colors café right in front of Four Seasons hotel in Limassol.

Notes: A big THANK YOU to all the ice cream parlors and bakeries for offering so much ice cream for this article! If you are selling ice cream and you would like to be included contact us here

Addresses: Pahit Ice, Kalopesas, Heraclis, Ventidue Gelateria, Papaphilippou, New York SweetsHaagen Dazs, Four Seasons (Colors cafe). Pandora bakeries and Zorpa bakeries are all over Nicosia.

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