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Georgiou A 18A, 25106364, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sun 15:00-2:00
Food: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
One of the things I was complaining about upon my return to Cyprus almost a year ago was the fact that I couldn’t get good frozen yoghurt and that I terribly missed my all time favourite, SNOG. It seems that my requests have been heard because over the last month I have found two frozen yoghurt places in Limassol, and the second one is even better than the first one!
Yozen (which by the way reminded me of a Japanese restaurant), is a brand new, cool, fresh and modern frozen yoghurt parlour on the beach front of Limassol. Apparently the “secret” comes from Athens but all the ingredients are local. It might be a bit late to start dieting since the beach days are almost over but the taste alone is worth it.
You can choose from a plain or flavoured yoghurt base (biscuit, blackberry, and the very popular, sanguini), which fortunately or unfortunately changes often. On top you can add a hot sauce, fresh fruit or traditional sweets for 0.70€ per add-on, a selection of syrups like caramel and chocolate, and a very wide range of toppings like mini chocolate bars, biscuits, granola, nuts and other treats for 0.50€ each. You can also choose from three different sizes, skinny, midi and biggie depending on your appetite (I usually take a medium size to be completely fulfilled rather than end up wanting more).
I tried my all time favourite plain yoghurt with biscuit and berries, which was very good, mildly sweet and perfectly refreshing. I definitely plan to put the summer diet behind me and return to Yozen for a chocolate cookie fro-yo.

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