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Crafty Ideas

Kyriakou Matsi 32D, 22511455, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 9:30-13:00, 16:00-18:00 (except Wed & Sat half day)
When I started Cypriot and Proud I had in my mind that every 3-4 food reviews I would include a review of a cool shop. I was thinking more like hidden gems or new discoveries. After six months of writing and looking around I believe I have finally found one!
Who would have thought that in one of the central streets in Nicosia there is a shop like Crafty Ideas. Initially I thought it was a fabric store, then I realized it sells anything to do with crafting, and now I found out that it is also a “school” for quilt-making and knitting.
The largest part of this small and cute shop is occupied by 100% pure cotton fabrics in thousands of colours and patterns. Even though the very kind Ms Stella sells them to make quilts I actually bought some to make colourful custom made pillows for my all-white bedroom. You can, in fact, use them for any purpose you like (for only 9.50€/meter).
Apart from the fabrics that could take hours to go through, she also sells a wide selection of threads, embroiddery, cool buttons that are very popular lately, wool in a lot of colours as well as books for anyone (including children) who would like to learn arts and crafts, knitting and sewing.
What I also liked about the shop is the fact that, unlike others of its type that sell so many small things, it is perfectly organised, clean and extremely pleasant to look at. This is either because of the bright colours and patterns, or because of the fact that there are so many little things to play with.
For cool fabrics for your house or anything else to do with arts and crafts, quilt making or knitting lessons contact or visit Crafty Ideas right now!

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