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Etherial by Marcus Platrides

Hippocratus 39, old city of Nicosia, 99466632, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Aren’t we Cypriots tired of complaining that there is nothing to do on the island? We can all agree that we don’t have the intellectual stimulations or creativity inspirations that one can find in London or New York, but we all have to realize we are only around 800 thousand and not 800 million. This makes people that create something different stand out. Marcus Platrides is one of them.
The fact that he is the only Cypriot jewellery designer who is a member of the British Jewellery Association and the National Goldsmiths Association in Britain can definitely attract one’s attention, and so is his clientele that include Axl Rose and Keith Richards since he also sells his jewellery in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. His pieces do have after all a rock style to them as the skull is one of the jewellery trademarks. And guess what, he is also an ex Dolce & Gabbana model…talk about an all-round skillset!
Apart from fantastic rings for men and women, he makes Etherial zippos, rock chick necklaces as well as elegant pendants, all hand-made by him! He uses precious metals bought in Cyprus, supporting the local community and carves them himself at his little shop/studio in the heart of the old city of Nicosia. His prices vary depending on what you buy but the fact that you can buy something unique attracts a lot of buyers.
One thing is certain, his pieces stand out and definitely have a character and style of their own, so even if it is for a gift or for yourself it is worth a visit.

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