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Sushi Yum Yum

Kennedy 24B, 77776464, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Fri 11:00-15:00, 18:00-23:00, Sat-Sun 18:00-23:00
Food: [rating:3] 3/5
Service: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Ambiance: [rating:2.5] 2.5/5
When I was in London I didn’t particularly like the food of Itsu or Yo! Sushi, the casual sushi restaurants, but I went there relatively often because I could enjoy cheap sushi for a quick lunch, by myself. That meant that, if I wanted sushi I didn’t have to wait for the opportunity to organise a dinner at a proper restaurant where the minimum spending would be £40. The fact that this concept did not exist in Cyprus was a problem, and the main reason why four out of five weekday lunches I eat at a “magirio”. When discovering Sushi Yum Yum I was particularly happy because it has partly solved the issue I have been having for the last year.
It is a casual sushi place in Nicosia, mostly popular for its delivery service. The fact that it has an online ordering system makes the whole eat-sushi-at-home easier as you can choose what you want from the pictures (if you can get them to deliver that is, as they are often very busy). It is extremely small, and can only accommodate 4-7 people on the counter, hence partly solving my quick and casual sushi lunch need. Clearly there is no conveyor belt with the dishes passing by in front of you, but I am sure a sushi place would need to feed half of the city for it to have enough turnover to maintain its quality.
The fact that the menu consists of mostly sushi and sashimi is a good thing as it specializes on one type of food, while serving a couple of noodle dishes and salads, but not overdoing it. The maki-roll choice is indeed wide, with 7€-9€ for 8 pieces. I particularly like the spicy salmon roll and the caterpillar roll that were complicated but tasty. The fact that mayonnaise is not the primary ingredient as in many sushi restaurants in Cyprus was a good thing, but there were a couple that were slightly too complicated and rich for my taste, like the Alaskan roll.
All in all, I liked the fact that it is casual, and there is online ordering and delivery, despite the fact that I hate to eat sushi in a plastic or paper box. What I would really love is if they had a bigger counter for people to eat a quick lunch.

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