closed down

Pi ke Fi (Π και Φ)

Aischilou st, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 11:00-1:00
Food: [rating:0] n/a
Service: [rating:3] 3/5
Ambiance: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Since all Mr Proud Cypriot does lately is travel I decided I should take advantage of it and go to all the places that are neither a traditional tavern nor a steak house. I see Pi ke Fi as a café serving food during the day, and as a bar with nibbles during the evening. Overall it looks nice, with cool features like post-its on the wall, funky posters and a very nice (and massive) garden although I did found myself on a couple of occasions feeling like something is missing.
Upon entering, there is a large bar where one can enjoy their drink, and a few small tables. The dark wood effect automatically makes the room cosy, while the colourful post its (where you can add your own), the life size Charlie Chaplin on the wall and the drawings on the wall add a “younger” feel to the place.
The garden is of a respectable size, half covered half open air with a long bench in the middle which people can share and small wooden tables all around. The whole vibe has “relaxed” written all over it as the waiters are quite chilled out without them being annoying (in my opinion) and all the ornaments and even the cutlery and mugs reminded me of a grandma’s house.
The fact that it has a food menu which contains very well priced food like 5€ meatballs, 2.50€ toast, salads at 6€ and main dishes including kebab, burger and chicken fillet from 6.50€-8€ is very positive and probably one of the reasons why it attracts so many people in the evenings. My “halloumi & lountza” in pitta bread that I had at 6 in the afternoon was fairly good with fresh ingredients, although I am not sure how representative of the food quality that would be.
All in all I can’t find something bad to say about Pi ke Fi even though I do find there is something missing. Perhaps it is a stronger buzz, a more attractive drink’s list or something that I still have to define. I didn’t go on a Friday or Saturday night but I have heard that there is much more going on than in the afternoon, so maybe that is when I have to go, instead of 6 o’ clock in the afternoon.

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