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Brunching at Library Bar

Library Bar is not serving brunch at the moment. Visit the beautiful Gin Garden instead.

Themidos 1, 25361362, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Tue-Sun 19:00 onwards, Sunday brunch 11:00-17:00
Food: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Service: [rating:3] 3/5
Ambiance: [rating:4] 4/5
Limassolians stop complaining, the concept of a proper brunch has finally arrived.
If we had to choose a cool and relaxed place for a Sunday brunchout of all the restaurants, cafes and bars in Limassol, Library Bar would certainly be somewhere at the top.
The brunch is served at the usual cool and funky Library space every Sunday from 11:00 onwards. The ambiance is modern and different in a retro kind of way. One has the choice of enjoying their meal in the room on the left of the entrance on high or low tables, or at the long bar opposite the entrance. The fresh and unique décor we got use to, what was different was actually the food.
My first impression of the menu was that it was complete. In my opinion a brunch menu which, in theory I would not get bored of, should include: a few types of dishes with eggs (Benedict, English breakfast, fried, scrambled eggs etc), a healthy option, something for the ones with a sweet tooth like pancakes and waffles and, what I call, a hangover burger. The Library Bar brunch menu ticked all of the above boxes and more. Huevos Rancheros were an interesting one, a sort of Spanish omelette with tomatoes and spices. Local greens with eggs were another option pleasantly adapted to Cypriot standards.
The English Breakfast the Proud Cypriot friend had was excellent, with tasty fried eggs with a bright yellow yolk, Cypriot sausages and halloumi that were sizzling and whose savoury taste created a perfect balance with the eggs. The other Proud Cypriot’s Library home-made burger was, as always, excellent and a must-try as the combination of spices that goes perfectly with the taste of beef, and the tripled fried fries was a true winner. My scrambled eggs with salmon and salad were equally good, even though I decided Eggs Benedict are my favourite. If the dish was served in a bagel with spread cheese I would have preferred it even though it was cooked to perfection. Mr Proud Cypriot took a risk (for a change), and tried the Huevos Rancheros, a Spanish dish that proved to be the highlight. It was served in a frying pan and it was in fact a sort of omelette with tomatoes and herbs. It was slightly spicy but not too much. Together with bread and butter it is a dish one has to try.
We were quite fulfilled with our food and our excellent Virgin Marys that fortunately helped to kill our hangover. The fact that the menu offered a wide choice coupled with the relaxed environment definitely helps in my returning. The fair prices with everything being below 10€ is also a big plus, especially if you spent all your money on Christmas presents!

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