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Stekki tou Kosti

Platia Iroon 1, Aglatzia, 22330059, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 20:00-23:00
Food: [rating:3] 3/5
Service: [rating:3] 3/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
Let’s say that local tavernas can be separated into three categories:
1) the no-ambience-but-good-and-predictable-food taverna (the most common category)
2) the one with a good combination of tasty and maybe a little bit creative “meze”, served in a space where effort was put in decorating it. Its decor can be even considered pleasant to look at, (fortunately a developing category) and
3) the completely modernised and innovative one that takes the “meze” dishes as we know them and turns them into a fusion of modern and traditional creations all enjoyed in a fantastic space that blends culture and style perfectly (an inexistent category).
The minute I entered into “To Steki tou Kosti” it was almost obvious that it belonged to the second category: a local taverna with a better than average ambiance with some attention given to its decoration and a standard “meze” selection with a couple of extra dishes that we can, in this context, call creative.
The options are not extremely many but sufficient. Amongst the dishes that were good but can’t really go wrong with were the “pourgouri” (bulgur) with tomato, the freshly fried greens with eggs and the grilled mushrooms. Meat dishes that were fairly tasty were the lamb chops that were tender and flavoursome and the sizzling sausages.
What I never see what the big fuss is about, are the chicken and pork kebab. All I see is dry chicken and pork cubes. If we are lucky they are sometimes a bit more juicy, but that is usually if they are marinated or even better, home made. This taverna was no different with average pork and chicken kebab, a dish that left a neutral impression.
What was actually worth trying were two meat dishes for which this particular taverna is known for: the first was a portion of barbequed thick bacon strips with a sweet and savoury taste with a perfect amount of crispy fat and tender meat. Secondly, the grilled chicken fillets marinated in herbs and what I thought to be a yoghurt sauce which were soft and juicy. Finally someone who stopped serving the tasteless plain grilled chicken fillet that I woudn’t eat even if I was dieting! I also liked the freshly fried and home made fries and the trimmed “halloumi” cheese with mint in hot pita bread.
“To Steki tou Kosti” is one of those tavernas I would happily return to, even though it is a relatively long drive from where I live (or rather where I stay when I go to Nicosia from the city which I now live in, Limassol). It is not at the top of my list but the fact that it has a good combination of fairly tasty food and pleasant ambiance enjoyed at the price of 22€ per person, makes it a safe option.

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