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Aphrodite’s kitchen

Part of a Cypriot and Proud’s job, apart from informing other Proud Cypriots on everything that is worth mentioning and anything important happening on our little island, is to explore our heritage. This includes of course, food, that instead of eating it at a restaurant you can make it yourself. It will include a mixture of some of the best recipes for
– traditional Cypriot dishes
– Cypriot dishes with a bit of an international twist
– international dishes with a bit of a Cypriot twist
– our Cypriot heritage

For any contributions, additions, comments and tips feel free to comment below any recipe or any post! The help, advice and tips from any proud Cypriot chef are always appreciated. Kali Orexi!

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Recipe Index

Baked goodies

– Halloumi & mint scones
– Tiropittes (cheese pies)

Main dishes

– Trahana with blue cheese
– Youvetsi (wined chicken with pasta)


– Bergamot “glyko” with brown sugar
– Pasta flora (Cyprus jam cookies)
– Chocolate walnut brownies

Cypriot heritage

– Fresh Olive Oil – Picking, Grinding and Eating
– Bergamot “glyko” with brown sugar

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