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Yogolicious @ Coffee Beanery

Andrea Chaliou, Engomi, 22103040, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sun 8:00-23:00
After a rich burger lunch at The Good Food co, what can be better than a light and low cal fro yo just to calm the conscience? Coffee Beanery is following the latest Cyprus trend of frozen yoghurt (although admiteddly it took some time for it to finally come to Nicosia), and is hosting Yogolicious in their Engomi branch.
The way it work is slightly different that what I was used to at SNOG (London) and Yozen (Limassol), as you can make the fro yo yourself. The price depends on the weight of the final cup, depending on how many toppings you add on.
Firstly you must choose the type of yoghurt you want to have: plain, strawberry, biscuit or chocolate. After that you put as much as you want into your paper cup and you move on to the toppings area. If you are hungry and greedy you, like me, are likely to be confused. Apart from a selection of fresh fruit and crushed nuts one can find crushed cinnamon biscuits (one of my favourite), warm liquid milk or white chocolate which is hard to resist, perfectly crispy crushed Ferrero Rocher and different types of chocolate powder. My cinnamon biscuit and coconut frozen yoghurt was excellent with a perfectly sour and refreshing taste of natural yoghurt and a balanced sweet flavour from the coconut and the biscuits.
The truth is I would love to try the liquid chocolate, or a combination of almonds and bananas. I haven no doubt that I will become a good customer Yogolicious but, as the well-known saying says “when it rains, it pours”, so I will have to try the Second Cup fro-yo next door before that happens.

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