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Cypriot and Proud iphone app is here!!!!

Did you ever find youself in the middle of the city wondering where to have dinner but can’t bring to your mind what is available? Did you ever find yourself outside a packed café with no free tables, wondering where else to go? A solutions to all of these problems is finally here!
The first and only app of its kind in Cyprus is now launched to help people find where they want to go, get directions and read reviews when on-the-go! The app is extremely easy to use with 1-3 steps max to get to what you want to read.

What does it include?

–   Around me option: with one click you can get a map with your location together with all the places around you
–   Browse: if you know what you want you can look for the place you want by choosing your city, type of place (eat/drink/shop), cuisine, other preferences (smokers friendly, kids friendly, people watching etc), or a alternatively view everything that is available
–   You can map your selection and see exact locations of what you have searched for
–   You can read reviews as they are on the website, with pictures, ratings and other characteristics
–   You can also sort your post list by price, food and overall ratings

How does it work

Upon entry you will find two buttons
1) Around me
2) Browse
If you don’t know where to go and you simply want to see what’s around you, click on Around Me. You will be immediately taken to the map, which will show your location and the places around you. You can choose to see with a different colour pin:

– restaurants (EAT)

– bars/cafes/café-restaurants/clubs/rock bars/live music spaces (DRINK) and

– wine shops/delicatessen/confectioneries/organic shops (SHOP)

If you tab on any pin on the map you will be taken to its full review. It will include pictures, ratings, price range.

If you know what you want (eg Chinese restaurant in Nicosia for smokers) you can go to Browse. You will be guided through certain filters of categories, cities, agrotourism, preferences in terms of smokers, kids friendly, hip and people watching etc. You can choose as many filters as you want. If you choose none, all the posts by date will appear. You will be able to sort your selection by price, food rating and overall rating.

Things to have in mind

–   When you first download it, since there are more than 600 posts it might take a while for everything to load. As long as it says content refreshing” it means data is being imported. Keep the app open when this is happening. This will only occur once!-   When you Browse and come to a selection of posts and reviews, not all pictures might be shown. This is because the app doesn’t download all the pictures from the beginning since it would make the app really big in size. It might take a few seconds until the pictures are downloaded. This again, will only happen once.
–   Be aware that, since the streets in the villages are not properly mapped we were unable to pin the agrotouristic taverns accurately. DO NOT follow the map when going there. Fortunately almost all villages are small with one or two streets going through them, so it is relatively easy to find your way.
–   If you have downloaded the app prior to 6/3/2013 make sure to update it as there were some changes.
–   Some of the pins might not be 100% accurate as the mapping was done mannualy. There might be 10-30m difference. For the restaurant, bar or cafe owners outthere: PLEASE MAP YOUR LOCATION ON GOOGLE MAPS!

Where to I get it?

Type Cypriot and Proud in the app store!

If you like it feel free to rate it as well. It is very important for Cypriot and Proud and the app itself.

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