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Chill Box

Mon-Sun 9:00-23:00
Fro-yo mania continues with the first of many openings of frozen yogurt in the old city. I have to admit that Chill Box stands out because of its packaging (also the reason I discovered it during my lunch at Diosmos & Kanela Kitchen Bar).
As most of the latest fro-yo arrivals, Chill Box uses the self-service method of “weigh and pay”, meaning that each customer makes his/her own combination with as much quantity and as many toppings as they wish to have. Each pot is then weighed with the prices varying accordingly.
The taste of the actual frozen yogurt and the rest of the ingredients was fairly good and quite similar to the rest. Apart from that, however, I thought that the variety of the toppings could have been wider. Firstly they didn’t have my favourite topping (coconut), and I thought there were all together few toppings. Nevertheless, I had the natural yoghurt with caramelized almonds, which I thought was quite good, and if ever in the old city I would gladly pass by Chill Box again, either for a frozen yogurt pot or for a smoothie…unless of course the new fro-yo parlour to open merely a few meters down the road will be better.

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