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Kilada -Agros

Agros Village, 25521303, Limassol District
Tue-Sun 12:00-15:00 19:00-23:00
Food: [rating:3.5] 3.5/5
Service: [rating:3] 3/5
Ambiance: [rating:3] 3/5
What I find really strange is that what used to be the most popular villages while I was growing up like Kakopetria and Platres are now the ones I visit the least. They might be the most developed but they are also the most commercial ones. I don’t mind at all as it gives one the opportunity to explore the island but doesn’t stop me from asking myself, were these small villages like Kaminaria and Vouni always more obscure and have only recently started to become more popular, or were the proud Cypriot parents so ignorant that they didn’t take the little proud Cypriot to these beautiful places?
Nevertheless, when I was told about Kilada in the village of Agros I was a bit reluctant. Although the village itself is in fact pretty I expected it to be rather touristy. Not only was I surprised by the not so touristy food, but I also found that the place was not at all large and impersonal as I had initially expected.
Driving there is only 45 minutes from Limassol through a not so busy but beautiful route. The restaurant at the entrance of the village is surrounded by a pretty patio under a massive “platanos” tree that covers the entire space. Unfortunately it wasn’t warm enough for us to sit outside, but we were happy to have our meal in the little area in the entrance that must have been a veranda, but which was now closed off with windows for smokers.
Readers who have read reviews on agrotouristy tavernas before will know that I am always looking for the one that would offer that extra little something, whether that is a more innovative “meze” selection, a more special ambiance, a unique wine list or in fact anything else that might make it differ significantly. The truth is that Kilada is not particularly different in any of the above ways.
Instead of focusing on the “meze” dish selection it offers only a couple of the standard meze dishes (stuffed vine leaves, meatballs, pasticchio) but gives a lot of attention to its lamb “souvla” and “kleftiko” (slow cooked lamb). In fact these two lamb dishes were so good that they are the main reason to visit Kilada restaurant. The stuffed vine leaves (“koupepia”) and pastichio (baked macaroni with minced meat) were tasty as well with a strong “home made” flavour but what stayed in my mind was the tender and juicy lamb with the salty roast potatoes which were melting at every bite.
My only complaint for Kilada is the fact that the food came all at once and 20 minutes after we had ordered we were finished. It didn’t necessarily affect the taste but I like having my time to enjoy each dish separately while enjoying my wine (or in this case my Diet Coke!). Mr Proud Cypriot did not complain about the house wine produced locally so I guess you should go for it if you want to support local products.
When I first wrote this review I forgot to mention the fantastically crunchy and flavoursome honey pies that we were offered at the end and I got 3 phone calls asking if I hadn’t tried them! They were indeed extra special, the perfect ending to a made-in-Cyprus meal.
The bill came to me 20€ each (4 people) for a quite satisfying meal on a quiet Sunday. The verdict is: GO if you like lamb “souvla” and “kleftiko” but stay home if you are a vegetarian.

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