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Angelic cupcakes and more, 99332482
First things first: I admit I am rather difficult in my confectionery/dessert choices. I like the old time classics and I have my stable favourites like Mr Giorgos’s galaktoboureko, chocolate cake from Noufaro and some other random treats here and there (full list here), however, in terms of more “modern” flavours, cool designs and more funky dessert choices I think our country is just starting to get a move on. Meeting Angela from Angelic was indeed a breath of fresh air, mostly because in addition to homemade taste of their cupcakes, biscuits and birthday cakes, each and every flavour I tried pleasantly surprised me. What makes her different is the attention to detail in her design as well, the actual taste of each creation as well as the tender, love and care each cake gets.
Angela can make a selection of moist, buttery and tasty biscuits like fantastic chocolate chip, rich coconut biscuits (my favourite) as well as oat and raisin biscuits upon order. She also makes any flavour you want of soft, moist and yummy cupcakes for any occasion like christenings, hen parties (and even bachelor parties although I have never heard of a stag party with cupcakes), and Easter or Christmas events. It is in fact a great option for the upcoming Easter holidays.
The highlight, however, is not the fresh biscuits or the rich cupcakes but the beautifully decorated birthday cakes that Angela makes from scratch herself. I, for a minute, thought “how difficult can that be” until I saw the actual cakes! Layered cakes, cakes for children, adults and whatever else you may want she can make with only a few days’ notice. What is more is that she charges probably ¾ of the market price. Cakes and cupcakes can be of course, in any flavour you like. I haven’t tried all of them (although I would like to), but I can highly recommend the carrot cake and the soft and rich chocolate cake that I have tried!
You can find her on Facebook (Angelic Cupcakes and more), via phone (99332482), via email ( and soon through her website. She can make samples for you to taste before the actual thing.

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