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dD by Daniella Georgiou

Having previously worked at Zac Posen and Alexander McQueen, Daniella Georgiou has been designing accessories under the dD brand for the last one and a half year. Given her experience and education one thing is for sure.. she certainly knows what she got herself into! You might know her from her famous beach bags which sold out in no time last summer or from her leather accessory making obsession! I personally know her from the other side of her project: i.e. the business side. With her impressive determination and passion she has managed to sell her products locally as well as internationally. What comes to mind when I think of Daniella? She is an artistic business woman!
After studying Product Design and Development for the Fashion Industries at Cordwainers, of – London College of Fashion she spent two years working as a merchandiser and web developer and buyer in the fashion world. She says she had known she would create her own brand, but leaving a stable job is always hard (a statement I tend to agree with). On the other hand sometimes doing what you love can become very fruitful and above all very fulfilling in all aspects if your heart is in it. She didn’t always know she would become an accessories designer, but through her personal need of mid-sized hand bags as well as the lack of well priced quality accessories dD was born.

She pays particular attention to the quality of materials and imports her fabrics mainly from Italy and Greece.
She then works on the development of the patterns and styles and in turn collaborates with a factory locally for the sampling and making of the bags. Apart from embroided clutches for evening or daytime use, she makes satchel bags and tote bags for everyday use. She loves working with leather and has also started making leather purses, small accessories and leather gifts. Her colourful beach bags, as well as the funky pouches that were sold out last year will be part of her Spring/Summer collection this year as well and go on sale as we speak! What I also found cute and interesting is that each bag is named after a member of her family (with a twist).
As well as being a talented designer, she is a keen businesswoman, a marketer, a PR and a social media specialist and she was therefore very much involved in the creation of an the online shop for her bags and other accessories. This makes it possible for customers to buy her products online.

In my opinion what makes her different is that she is well accustomed with all sides of the industry:
– the fashion side: she has studied product design and development for fashion, she has talent and she knows how to use it.
– the business side: she knows what sells, what prices are reasonable and which is the best way to promote herself locally and internationally.
What I also like about her is although her accessories do have a dD character trait, she also keeps up with emerging styles and colour trends. This can be a major asset as this makes her products fashionable but unique. The fact that her prices are reasonable and her quality is impeccable adds to why I like dD accessories. She says that “as a customer myself at the time when I am making the products I focus on the detail a lot. If I am not happy with a single stitch on the bag I will insist on it be re-constructed”.
You can find her:
– online shop: daniellageorgiou on etsy
– via email ( or phone (99407237)
– at Kult Boutiques in Cyprus (Almyra Hotel in Anassa Hotel in Pafos)

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