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Anastasi Sioukri (across Starbucks), 25101012, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Fri 8:00-20:00, Sat 10:00-17:00
It is evident that cup cake mania has arrived in our small little island. Many cup cake shops and confectioneries have already started making them but the real question is, which one is here to stay? Cup-a-cake in Limassol apart from making beautiful, creative and tasty cup cakes it has managed, to successfully establish itself as a trendy café and cupcake shop of the highest quality, in only one and a half years of operation.
Even though it has been recently relocated in a more easily accessible location in the centre of Limassol, it has retained its cute and friendly ambiance. Together with small bench along the side of the shop there are a couple of small tables where one can enjoy a cup of coffee with their cup cake. If you are looking to have a quiet coffee with a small group of people then you will probably love it. If you want to see and be seen try Makarios avenue next door.
What really makes one return again and again is neither the sweet and delightful little shop, nor their good coffee (also available take away), nor their tasty home-made cinnamon cookies. The star of Cup-a-Cake are, surprise surprise…the cup cakes! Trying to choose out of their large selection is certainly a difficult task as there are so many interesting flavours and so many inviting combinations that make one want to try their 20 or so different cup cakes. Apart from a rich double chocolate cup cake with a perfectly sweet frosting, what I can comfortably recommend is the lemon cup cake (and I am not even such a big fan of lemony sweets). The mocca cup cake was an interesting combination that I had never tried before, while the white chocolate and vanilla was perfect for the sugar lovers! The fact that they change their flavours according to the season I thought was a reflection of their innovation skills, their ability to adapt as well as keep up with recent trends. During the summer you can find cup cakes with melon flavour, while during the winter spiced vanilla cup cakes are a hit.
Mothers with infants who will soon have Christenings, maids of honour who are throwing Hen parties, couples who are about to have a wedding and anyone who wants to throw a party would be happy to know that cup cakes can be baked for any occasion with detailed and fancy decoration, kinky and funky designs as well as classy and elegant toppings, with only a few days notice.
Another fact that makes them special is that, each cup cake is guaranteed to get a lot of tender, love and care since the owners themselves make every single baked goody, something that in my opinion surely provides stability and attention to detail. Apart from the cup cakes, muffins and cookies they make the home-made and perfect-for-the-summer lemonades and squashes like mint and ginger infused or raspberry and ginger infused!
No more complaining about the lack of confectioneries and cake shops in Limassol, and no more worrying about where to have custom made cup cakes for special occasions. The recently relocated Cup-a-Cake is here to provide solutions to any issues of this type. The fact that a selection can be found in Alpha Mega Limassol makes it even easier to give into this little guilty pleasures.

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