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Facebook blast to promote Cyprus on one day only with Cyprus Connect

Cyprus Connect, is a non-profit organisation that was recently launched to promote our country. Their goal is to make sure every single person on this island knows that Cyprus has not collapsed, that our beautiful beaches and countryside are still alive and prettier than ever, and that, despite recent events, it remains a top destination for anyone who wants to visit it!

Cyprus Connect has taken the initiative to create an event, whereby every single person can become a Cyprus “ambassador” for one day only, the 19th of May 2013. What each of us has to do is blast Facebook with pictures and videos from our lovely country. Feel free to Post, Like and Share any kind of pictures and videos on Cyprus beauty, because we will not let the media mislead the world into presenting an image for Cyprus that is simply not true.

You can find details on Cyprus connect on their Facebook page here:

Let’s make 19/05 a Cyprus day on Facebook!



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