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Agia Fyla Hunters’ Club (“Kynigetikos Syllogos”)

Opposite Panagia Chrysaliniotissa church, 99645225, LEMESOS (LIMASSOL)
Mon-Sat 19:00-23:00
Food: [rating:3] 3/5
Service: [rating:3] 3/5
Ambiance: [rating:1] 1/5
I can confidently say it doesn’t get much more “Cypriot and Proud” than the “Kynigetikos Syllogos” (Hunters’ club) of Agia Fyla! Only minutes from central Limassol is the old centre of Agia Fyla that used to be a small village but is now a residential suburb. Before talking about this particular “syllogos” it is only fair that I defined what a “syllogos” is: it is a club which looks like a traditional coffee place and/or restaurant where people meet during the day and night to have coffee, nibble, play “tavli” (backgammon) and mingle with each other. The “syllogos”/club can be of a team (although in that case it would most likely be called a “somatio” (body), a city or a village or basically any club that brings people together.
The truth is I never knew that were Hunters’ clubs (“Kynigetikos syllogos”), but due to the nature of the place it is easy for one to subconsciously think that the food would be good. Unfortunately they don’t cook “game of the day” but from what I experienced, they must have access to good quality meat.
I won’t even discuss the ambiance and décor as these are practically non-existent. Be prepared for plastic chairs, plastic table covers, fluorescent lighting and a plain and 4 white walls. The only pictures hanging on its walls are portrait pictures of the owner when he was young. The Cypriots that were born here will immediately get what I ‘m saying, the tourists might be a bit surprised. What will make them feel better however, is that the food certainly compensates for the super simple and old school vibe.
What I was particularly happy to know is that the wife of Mr Yiannakis, the proud Cypriot owner of the restaurant, is a keen cook who also likes to make more “alternative” dishes than the standard “meze”, depending on the season, like cooked vegetables with tomato and spices. If you would like to try her special dishes you should call the day before asking what she can make for you, or go on weekends as on weekdays the food selection is pretty standard and prepared there and then.
You should expect to eat freshly prepared and tasty salads, the type that I wouldn’t mind eating day and night, local “tahini” and “taramas” (a dip which doesn’t really go with the whole meal but it is served anyway). The highlight for me was the tasty, tender and perfectly savoury pork kebab, the soft yet crunchy lamb chops, any kind of greens with eggs as they always have a twist to them and their super fresh salad.
Dessert? None available unless you are a fan of local Cyprus sweets ( candied fruit in sugar syrup).
Price? From 12-15€ each for a home-made, local, freshly prepared and tasty full “meze” meal!

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