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Medontos 3A, 22 104244, LEFKOSIA (NICOSIA)
Mon-Sat 11:00-11:00
I never thought I would say that being outside the old city of Nicosia would actually be an advantage for a new opening but Prozak did manage to differentiate itself by being situated close but not in the old city buzz. What makes this café different, however, is so much more than its location.Prozac cafe Nicosia
Firstly, it is not exactly a café, but a reading space, somewhere where one can enjoy a good book over a coffee. If you like art and photography you can get lost in Prozak’s bookcase put together by the owner, a photographer and art lover himself.
Secondly it is more than a café since it serves local drinks including ouzo, zivania and the Greek retsina together with wine and beer as low as 2.50-4.00€ per glass. If you are not an alcohol fan but a local refreshments lover, lemonade, “triantafillo” (rose milk) or “soumada” are also on offer for as low as 1.50€. Food-wise you can try “ouzo” accompaniments like olives, fetta cheese and other nibbles, a great side-dish to a good drink.
Thirdly, the fact that events take place at Prozak regularly makes it an exhibition space as well. Apart from art exhibitions, poetry nights and piano evenings will also start taking place at Prozac from this season. Now this is what I call a breath of fresh air!
Finally, I cannot help but comment on the décor, which is in my opinion the highlight and the main reason why Prozac is a must-visit new arrival. My favourite aspect is that it doesn’t follow any of the recently ubiquitous “rustic” décor trend that everyone seems to love. Instead I found it had a unique vintage ambiance. The old wooden furniture (including a lovely large dining table that reminds me of my grandmaProzac cafe Nicosia’s house) gives the place a 70’s vibe while the cassette tapes take one back to the 80s. The high windows make the place very bright and vibrant while the few tables outside on a small porch in this quiet street take advantage of the all-year round warm Cyprus weather. What is more interesting is that the owner (who is a photographer), is a very keen young proud Cypriot who obviously gives a lot of attention to detail, has decorated the space and is responsible for running it all by himself!
The only thing that I found to be slightly problematic is the fact that there is no air-conditioning inside (although there are a few fans), so if you are would like to have a coffee before 18:00 be prepared!
All in all Prozak is an easily accessible get-away, a trip to a different era, a useful space that might actually add value to our day-to-day lives.

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